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The Syrian Arab Army Enters Saraqib in Idlib Eastern Countryside

SAA Syrian Arab Army - File Photo Idlib - Aleppo - Deir Ezzor - Raqqa

The Syrian Arab Army entered the strategic city of Saraqib in Idlib countryside, the NATO terrorists fled the city after putting up previous desperate fights. Turkish NATO forces tried to interfere on the terrorists’ side directly in front of the SAA which had to bomb to kill 6 of them to show the seriousness to clean the country from terrorists, even if NATO is behind them.

Al-Qaeda propagandists alleged yesterday that the SAA entered the city to claim a fake victory filming its members in the city after that claim for media purpose, the SAA entered the city a couple of hours ago only.

Saraqib overlooks M5 and M4, the country’s North-South highway and East-West highway, respectively. M5 stretches from the Syrian borders with Jordan in the south all the way to the Turkish borders through Aleppo connecting 6 major Syrian provincial centers: Daraa, Damascus, Homs, Hama, near Idlib, then Aleppo. M4 connects Latakia on the Syrian coast with Aleppo, Raqqa, Deir Ezzor reaching the borders with Iraq at Al Bukamal border crossing point.

Cleaning the western part of M4 between Saraqib and Latakia from NATO terrorists in the rest of southern Idlib province not only frees hundreds of thousands of Syrian people who are now under al-Qaeda’s mercy, totally ignored by the western mainstream media, it will allow smooth road transport cutting the time required now to avoid the terrorists’ controlled areas considerably.

Saraqib سراقب Idlib Countryside
Saraqib, Idlib Countryside

In order to clean Saraqib, the Syrian Arab Army units encircled the city and left a corridor for the terrorists until the end to flee through, in order to spare the city a street fight and further destruction after years of being looted and infested by al-Qaeda subhumans.

The SAA units are now combing Saraqib looking for explosives, mines, underground tunnels, and any threats left behind by the NATO terrorists of al-Qaeda and its affiliates before declaring the city safe for the return of its people.

Late night’s bombing by Israel against a number of southern parts of the country was an attempt by the Israeli embattled PM Netanyahu to beg for a wider confrontation as time is pressing towards the 3rd elections he’s contributing in during the past 15 years of his ‘democratically’ dominance of the most corrupt last apartheid regime in the world. He’s refusing to accept defeat hoping to avoid prison on multiple accounts of fraud, imagine in the most corrupt ‘state’ the PM is found guilty of fraud, in a number of cases!

Netanyahu’s loyal servant the Turkish pariah Erdogan took advantage of the Israeli bombing to send a column of his forces into Idlib, in also a desperate attempt to hinder the SAA’s advance and cleaning of Saraqib and what’s after.

Russian President Mr. Putin, despite Netanyahu’s taking advantage of bombing Syria after visiting him each time, is still not showing warmth to receive Erdogan’s calls to discuss Idlib. Russian Ministry of Defense strongly condemned last month’s over 1000 terrorist attacks by the same terrorists Erdogan is trying to continue to protect.

Meanwhile, the SAA is now ‘protecting’ the 5th Turkish Army post in the southern Idlib countryside. Erdogan refused to withdraw his troops therefore the SAA is making sure they’re ‘safe’ in their posts.

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