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Israel Bombs the Outskirts of Damascus Shortly after Midnight

SAA air defenses confront incoming israeli missiles

New Israeli bombing against Syria shortly after midnight 06 February 2020 local time as the Syrian people are preparing to celebrate the liberating of the city of Saraqib from al-Qaeda terrorists. The Israeli bombing targeted a number of sites in the outskirts of the Syrian capital Damascus and over the southern province of Daraa.

The Israeli / US-made and supplied fighter jets carried out a series of attacks firing US taxpayers-paid for missiles from over the Syrian Golan and from south of Lebanon, the missiles targeted Kisweh town, Marj Sultan, in southern Damascus countryside, Jisr Baghdad and south of Izraa in the Daraa province.

Syrian Arab Army within its capabilities managed to intercept a number of the missiles and destroyed it mid-air as seen in the video clips shared with the Syrian News Agency SANA by local residents.

The video is also available on BitChute

It’s becoming a constant habit that the embattled Israeli PM Netanyahu carries out such attacks after visiting Russian President Putin to show his gratitude in his way by embarrassing Mr. Putin, the Russian leadership, the Russian Army who are assisting the Syrian people in fighting NATO-sponsored al-Qaeda and its affiliates in Syria.

Mr. Putin’s endless generosity to the war criminal is paying back opposite to what’s intended, but that’s again to prove a common Arabic proverb: Be generous to a generous person and you’d win him, be generous to a mean person and he’d bite your hand. During the latest Netanyahu’s visit to Moscow, Mr. Putin forgave an Israeli drug dealer from prison. Naturally, Netanyahu wouldn’t request to release an honorable person, he will only help his ilk.

The latest bombing comes also at a time to assist in giving a hand and maybe some fingers to the Turkish pariah Erdogan who yesterday issued an ultimatum to the Syrian Arab Army to withdraw from Syrian territories in the Syrian province of Idlib by end of this month or face NATO’s largest army, in Syria!

These Israeli bombings in the south and the Trump forces presence and provocations in the northeast embolden Erdogan, and ironically the separatist Kurdish militias as well, to carry on further crimes against Syria implying these criminals will have the backing of their close allies when needed, history proves otherwise.

The Israeli bombings almost always come at a time when the Syrian Arab Army is about to achieve a strategic victory over al-Qaeda terrorists and their affiliates, this time when the city of Saraqib in Idlib province is about to be liberated.

The western taxpayers can easily draw the correct picture of who their governments are sponsoring in Syria and for what purpose, in other words: who is controlling their countries while giving them the illusion of ‘democratically and freely electing their politicians’ while the real decision-makers control the outcome.

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  1. Stefan Heuer

    Putin and Netanyahu – a relation that appears to be truly special…
    It does not make me wonder anymmore how generous Mr. Putin can be to a genocidal killer of children and women, when, at the same time, he prevents his ‘allies’ to achieve sophisticated weapons needed for their self-defense (S-300). It appers to me that the zionist scum of the universe does know exactly how broaden the ‘red lines’ of the russian president are drawn when it comes to the beloved “Israel” and its atrocities. How many times Mr. Putin has met with Netanyahu? And how many times has “Israel” attacked Syria, literally just hours after the meetings? Just a ‘coincidence’? We do not need to mention that the policy of “Israel” as of the terroristic west against Syria is completly criminal and illegal according to the very basic International Law, the Charta of the United Nations. But do we also wonder why the UN never takes measures against the terrorists in Washington, Berlin, London, Paris, Tel Aviv? Do we still wonder that the head of the UN several times travelled to Saudi Arabia to chat about “Syria” with the headchopping psychopaths of al-Saud, but NEVER went to Damascus, to discuss “Syria” with the Syrians? Do we still wonder why the UN ignores the vital rights of its founding member Syria, but pampers those states which impose terrorism, murder, plunder and devastation on millions of people? Is anyone out there still believing that Mr. Putin was a smart guy, just easily playing off the western terroristic entities, to make Russia great again, when the Russians themselves again and again face new rounds of discriminatory laws – such as the pensions being stolen from them – to serve the greedy agenda of the (non-russian!) oligarchs running the Kremlin? For sure, Mr. Putin managed to drive the russian ship through many troubled waters, starting with the infamous “Kursk”-incident, which seems to have a truly sinister background. But at the same time it is also a simple, proven truth that the bills for his achievemenst he gained always had to be paid by someone else. As yet, the fattest bill had to be paid by Syria and her people. And, alas, it appears to me that this sad fate only will be ended the very moment Syria has taken out all terrorists and, vital as well, has managed to gain sophisticated arms systems that would allow her to inflict truly horrific consequences on any potential aggressor. That, anyway how you like it, is the example of North Korea (DPRK).
    The generosity of Mr. Putin towards the blood-stained Netanyahu and towards “Israel” is appaling, with the most appaling fact being that Syria has to pay for it with the blood of her children.
    Viva Syria.

  2. Vitaliy Yakubovskiy

    Mr. Putin is Jew and “old good friend” of Mr. Kissinger, he fully complies with orders coming from global Kagal. Native Russians are dying out pretty fast under Mr. Putin rule just as intended.


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