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SAA Advances in Idlib; Damascus and Moscow Had Enough of Erdogan Lies

Syrian Arab Army SAA - Idlib Aleppo Latakia Hama Raqqa Deir Ezzor Hasakeh Qamishli الجيش العربي السوري ادلب حلب

The SAA, the Syrian Arab Army’s, advance in Idlib and Aleppo’s countryside came after a decision by Syria and its allies and military statements blaming Ankara-backed terrorist groups for breaching the ceasefire and preventing civilians from exiting through safe crossings.

In the wake of the latest breach by Turkish madman Erdogan of his own commitments to the Russian President Putin for the umpteen time and delays to execute Suchi and Astana agreements over Idlib, and in retaliation to the unprecedented massive surprise attack, violating the ceasefire promised by Erdogan to Putin, which resulted in over 40 Syrian Army servicemen murdered by herds of NATO-sponsored al-Qaeda terrorists south of Idlib late last week, the Syrian leadership has taken the final decision to clean the province of Idlib and the countryside of Aleppo of all anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda terrorist factions, including the members of the ‘Syrian opposition’ from Turkmanestan – The Turkistan Islamist Party, and other Saudi and Afghani members of the ‘Armed Moderate Syrian Opposition’!

The following report by the manager of the Damascus office of the Lebanese-based Al Mayadeen news channel sheds more light, transcript below the video:

The video is also available on BitChute:

Nothing seems to stop the Syrian army and its allies this time, the forces are on the outskirts of Ma’rat al-Numan, the strategic city that the international road to Aleppo runs through, to liberate it and end six years of continuous threat to the vital road and the army advances to complete the cleansing of the eastern cordon of the province.

Statements by the Syrian and Russian defense ministries resolved days ago the military decision to resume the battle. Moscow has tried in vain for a year and a half to persuade Ankara to meet its obligations under the Sochi agreement and the recent Putin-Erdogan agreement put the decision to the test.

The battle of Idlib will not be limited to confronting the Syrian army, but will inevitably lead to a confrontation between Ankara’s (Muslim) Brotherhood factions and the al-Qaeda’s Nusra Front with which they share the last stronghold in Idlib after their defeat in Aleppo.

Advancing in the countryside of Idlib and Aleppo is more than a battle for liberation, the Syrian army is fighting to eradicate the al-Qaeda and Brotherhood groups from their last Syrian strongholds.

Calls to stop the army operation have gone unheeded, the factions that have suspended their commitment to a ceasefire have received a warning from the Turkish President to prepare for the great battle, because negotiations with Moscow have reached an impasse and it (Moscow) is continuing for a decisive military solution, as the information confirmed that Moscow is no longer demanding the opening of the two international routes as stipulated by Sochi, only, but it wants the (Syrian) state institutions to return to Idlib.

Moscow no longer accepts Ankara’s exclusivity with Idlib’s decision, which will radically change the face of the battle.

The armed groups are still betting on winning the battle after promises to provide them with defensive weapons, and it’s turning their face away by successive airstrikes bombing their strongholds in Idlib and Ankara lifting the lid off it for a deal with the Russians in Libya, to which it has finally begun to transfer to it (Libya) groups of its Armed Syrian Factions.

Dima Nassif, Damascus- for Al-Mayadeen.

End of the English transcript of the video report.


We have no idea what Trump has promised Erdogan and to what extent would Trump go to protect the Turkish servant of the ‘Greater Israel Project’, the history of the US’s commitments with its own allies and stooges didn’t teach the anti-Islamic Erdogan and his AKP Muslim Brotherhood ruling party any lesson, or maybe that’s exactly what they seek: to continue destroying whatever is left of once Turkish secularism, especially they tried their best to destroy the last secular state in the region: Syria.

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