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Syria’s Irreversible Decision to Clean all its Territories from NATO Terrorists

Syrian Arab Army SAA Aleppo - Idlib

The decision has been made and it’s irreversible and unstoppable to clean all the Syrian territories from NATO-sponsored terrorists starting with Aleppo and Idlib.

There is no political solution to the Syrian crisis, the solution is only a military one and it’s astonishing it took Syria’s ‘allies’ that long to realize this. We’ve been saying this since the first Syrian policeman killed in Daraa in the first week of the US-led War of Terror against us in March 2011.

The military operations are expected to be swift now, especially that the SAA is relieved from any foreign pressure after the latest escalation by the Erdogan’s anti-Islamic al-Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood terrorists against the Syrian civilians in Aleppo and the latest breach of the ceasefire agreement by Erdogan forces.

More in this report by the Lebanese news channel Al-Mayadeen, followed by the transcript of the English translation:

The video report is also available on BitChute.

Has Syria entered the final stage on the last fronts?

Syria is continuing to liberate the entire territory, this is a Syrian decision that is irreversible and according to military experts the Syrian battlefield is entering a new phase, the first of its kind in eight years, the phase is titled ‘Aleppo First’ because it is the locomotive of Syria and is the basis for the return of security and security to all of Syria, including the economic sector.

The liberation of Idlib will take place in three phases:

Phase 1: Syrian forces will move the armed groups to the outskirts of Darat Azza and Damascus Road, taking control of these cities entirely, positioning itself on the entire road, which is about 110 kilometers long to protect it.

Phase 2: The Latakia Highway and train tunnels between Aleppo and Latakia.

Phase 3: To reach Bab al-Hawa, the main border crossing between Syria and Turkey.

Each of these phases is expected to take no more than days, and to follow each stage with political action, which is based on the calculations of the militants, particularly, since Turkey has begun to transfer the Turkmen fighters, the closest to the heart of its ruling party to Libya, and Syria’s priority remains to secure Aleppo and withdraw it from Turkish political and battlefield blackmail and all Ankara factions.

The battlefront is wide open and it’s the largest stretching about 130 kilometers. With the allied forces, the Syrian army has prepared for the past months, fighting here at its best condition and with all its units and gears: equipment, weapons, and ammunition being able to strip the armed groups all elements of their progress, particularly the TAO systems, as well as Katyusha rockets.

The Syrian Army has, therefore, put the armed groups in a serious challenge with the opening of all fronts without exception, and this applies to its opening for the first time the Khan Touman Front – Assad forests west of Aleppo city on the international road to Damascus.

End of the transcript of the report.

Hopefully, the Syrian Arab Army after securing the northern parts of Aleppo and western parts of Idlib and cleaning both provinces from terrorists, the army would move swiftly to the north and northeast of the country and restore the rest of the land there. They are the only legitimate force that can resort to force and any means to restore the last inch of the country from the remnants of the world’s human garbage, including Trump forces.


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  1. Stefan Heuer

    Syria is fighting a just war not only for herself, but for all decent people around the globe. Therefor, it is the most honourable obligation for anyone, with a heart and a sane mind, to support Syria in this struggle. God bless Syria.


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