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NATO Supported Savages, in Last Throes, on Carnage Spree in Syria

NATO supported savages were on a voracious carnage spree, 25-26 January, targeting apartment buildings and restaurants to create as much mayhem and grief as possible, in the shortest amount of time. They are in their last throes as Damascus and Moscow end the unilateral cessation of hostilities, the demons murdered twelve persons and injured upwards of thirty, in their 24 hour blood fest, while NATO stenographers have been too busy with the Capitol Hill Schitt Show to mention this slaughter in Syria.

Terrorists fired rockets into a 4-story apartment building in Jamiet al Zahra neighborhood of the western outskirts of Aleppo, the night of 25 January. Though the building was immediately evacuated, part of it collapsed from the NATO bombs. Two persons were killed, their bodies recovered, and three rescued.

The four-story apartment building the night of 25 January.

Operation Mockingbird has been a western transatlantic success in directing audiences to support that Military-Industrial-Complex which runs MSM, to misplace empathy. Without it, large swaths of otherwise sane persons could not support deranged kidnappers, bombers, femicidalists, pedophiles, necrophiliacs as pious ‘freedom fighters.’ On 19 December 2019, there was an explosion in the South Philly neighborhood of Philadelphia.

Three row homes collapsed; two were severely damaged. A 3-alarm fire raged for hours. Two persons were killed. The cause was a crack in a decrepit, 92-year-old gas main, which is now under an absurd, year-long investigation.

Look at these photos, and imagine if these homes were destroyed because the criminally insane of the world had been deployed into the US, given weapons, and cheered by non-US media around the world:

NATO armed terrorists have increased their attacks on Aleppo residential neighborhoods over the past weeks, none of which managed to breach the impenetrable walls of stenography journalism, despite the violent murders of upwards of thirty civilians.

This baby — still diapered — is Hassan Abram. His mom was murdered, along with several others, in a previous murderous attack on an apartment building.

This toddler, still defining his gross motor skills, will need a prosthetic, courtesy of the American taxpayer, via its massive, unequal according to Trump, support of NATO.

On 26 January, the beloved NATO terrorists detonated a car bomb in A’zaz city in the northwestern countryside of Aleppo. The car that was exploded had been positioned near a popular restaurant and near a gas station. Eight civilians were murdered, and twenty injured. Several homes were damaged.

Had the gas station blown up, the devastation would have been even more hideous.

NATO terrorists bomb gas station in A'zaz, Aleppo countryside
Imagine this, as ongoing life in Paris, London, Brussels, Berlin, New York City.

The organ-trading, kidnapping, armed, stethoscope-less, spinal-precautions, CPR, and bag incompetent death squad Helmets have launched their criminal propaganda in blaming the terror attack on the Syrian government and its Russian ally; as NATO media return to the SAR, this idiocy will likely be held up as a given.

White Helmets, an affiliate of Turkish regime occupiers and assorted mercenary scum.

The Helmets editors have become either sloppy or sadistically arrogant in permitting the release of a selfie video in which the White Helmet appeared to be in a meth meltdown. With obvious jitters, he was oblivious to the fact of being surrounded by standing buildings, while wailing that “all of the neighborhoods of Maarat Numan” had been “destroyed” — while freakishly thanking God (in addition to the American taxpayer forking over the money for NATO weapons, we also pay for Captagon, the meth potentiated by the bronchodilator, theophylline.)

Maarat Numan 26 January 2020 Empty

Also, yesterday, illegal Turkish occupation forces and their underling terrorist militias again bombed residential neighborhoods of Ras al Ayn, northwest Hasaka countryside. Though there were no reported casualties, these ongoing attacks have caused massive displacement of civilians from this area, with ongoing criminal silence from NATO media and the UN.

The Qatari- and Turkish- affiliated Jabhat al Nusra takfiri continue to hold Syrian civilians wishing to break from their savage occupation, hostage, preventing them from leaving via humanitarian corridors set up by the Syrian government.

NATO media will soon have to shave off a bit of the impeachment circus, to add room for wailing on behalf of the last terrorists of Idlib; Damascus and Moscow have announced the end of the unilateral cessation of hostilities.

Every inch of Syria will be freed from NATO terrorists.

syria every inch Assad
Syria President Dr. Bashar al-Assad: “Every inch of Syria will be liberated”

Miri Wood

Addenda —

It appears that the scriptwriters have decided to play ostrich over the lost meth freak selfie. A new selfie has emerged, of a sedate, mournful, Helmet, in appropriate cinematographic surroundings, launching a treatment to recycle the old Aleppo script, “lasts of,” variety.

In early December 2016, as the Syrian Arab Army began the campaign to cleanse Aleppo of terrorist vermin occupiers, NATO media ran non-stop bathos, on the last American illegal, the last Dr. Manpad, the last toy smuggler under investigation for fraud, the last cat selfie, the last fake gardener….

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  1. Stefan Heuer

    Right from the very beginning, it had been pretty clear to all those who do own a functional brain, that true “peaceful protesters”, “freedom fighters” or even “moderate rebels” (did I miss any of the several nice labels?) would never commit such horrendous atrocities as rape, mas killings, grilling women in ovens, eating men’s organs, shelling civilians with rockets, shooting women in the streets from running cars etc. – especially as a rebel (to some extend) still would keep some kind of respect or even admiration for those he deliberatl is fighting for.
    Therefor, right from the very beginning in 2011 / 2012, it has been made clear by those labelled above that they are not at all nice freedom-fighters or moderate rebels attempting to liberate the beloved people from the burden of a misanthropic dictatorial regime, but the quite opposite, that they are evil savages, loving to kill, plunder, loot, rape, destroy, and that they steal their dark energy from the fear and pain and despair of those innocents upon whom they manage to impose their terror.

    Right from the beginning, similar to Libya, it has been a very astonishing fact that these so-called alleged freedom-fighters and rebels had all sorts of modern weapons, from machineguns to heavy anti-air-missiles and even tanks, and it was even told by themselves that they were paid a salary for their service. Thanks to the documentation of the SAA everyone around the globe could have realised that these ‘sporadic’ groups had sophisticated weapons made in “Israel”, Germany, the US or UK, and that tons of weapons and ammo were shipped right under the eyes of the several “reconnaissance”-satelites of the USA to the “rebels” in Syria. Did I miss to remind those who read this that the USA itself made a huge media homestory of their “training moderate rebels” camp in Jordan, just a year or so before that “ISIS” magically appeared in the desert, driving hundreds of new Toyota Landcruiser and 4Runner with heavy anti-air-guns mounted on top? Sure, such heavy weapon is to be ordered at Toyota, I suppose…

    The sane-minded people around the globe also remember the statements of the politicians of the NATO-countries that “Assad” is a madman and had to go, and that the west would unisono support the “freedom fighters” in Syria, even if the west at that time claimed it would not exactly know who these fighters were and which intensions they had… As if there never was a CIA,MI-6 or Mossad! All the ‘Love’ campaigns stated, with the appointment of “the true representatives of the syrian people” by foreign politicians who would hardly find Syria on a map…

    To put it short: right from the start it had been obvious (and thankfully very well documented) that the Syria scenario was aimed to copy/paste the libyan scenario, with the planned devastation of a peaceful sovereign nation via proxy armies and pure military force, if not to say genocide. The fact that NATO and the cabal behind all the misery (find them at Wall Street, New York City) did not succeed is NOT due to the resistance of the western people who did and still do care a sh*t for what is being done with their taxmoney as long the TV is playing some braindead soaps. It is due to the fact that the brave people of Syria united behind its leadershio, the legitimate president Dr. Bashar Hafez al-Assad, and behind the glorious Syrian Arab Army, and resisted the NATO / EU / US / “Israel”-plot, despite all the horror we, the terroristic west. liked to impose on this civilised nation
    It is written with huge letters in burning colour at every wall: who did it, who wanted it, who financed and armed and backed it. The west has proven itself to be a rotten bunch of terroristic, massmurdering lawless entities. And Syria has proven to the whole world that RESISTANCE is possible as long as a nation stands united.

    Thereby, Syria is fighting not only for herself but for the true virtues of mankind. We all do owe Syria a lot.
    Viva Syria.

  2. Miri

    Thank you for your thoughtful remarks, Stefan.

    Yes, every atrocity has been documented, & Big Brother/MIC/Deep State has been grabbing up the documentation & incinerating it in the Orwellian memory hole. All the YT channels that put English captions to the takfiri videos were shut down, including that of Arabi Souri (I’m still in search of the full, nearly 10 min. video taken of Nusra walking thru the corpses of more than 50 martyred SAA soldiers, in April 2014.).


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