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Spec Ops or Skilled Mercs Bomb Baniyas Undersea Oil Pipelines, Again

Biden bombing Syria again

State-sponsored spec operatives or outsourced skilled mercenaries have “re-targeted the oil sector in Syria” by planting and detonating undersea bombs at the Baniyas Marine Terminal in Tartous, 27 January. The Ministry of Oil and Mineral Resources technical staff are evaluating the damages to quickly make repairs and “and ensure the continuation of oil productions.”

Satellite image of Baniyas Marine Terminal which its undersea oil pipelines were sabotaged by NATO
Satellite map of Baniyas Marine Terminal on the Mediterranean sea.

On 22 June 2019 six undersea pipelines at Baniyas were severed; their early discovery and quick repairs averted an environmental disaster in the Mediterranean. Nonetheless, some of the oil traveled 26 km/6 mi within a few days, from Tartous to Jableh.

Pollution reached Jableh shores from Baniyas oil pipelines sabotage
Despite almost immediate detection & repairs, the oil leakage quickly traveled 26 km, from Baniyas to Jableh.

In June, AP issued a blurb about the potential ecological disaster; at this writing, there is no blurb to be found in western media.

After last year’s sabotage, there was no UN condemnation, no call for an investigation into the disastrous sabotage that had the potential for being an environmental disaster affecting the entire Mediterranean Sea.

The same Secretary-General Antonio Guterres who was completely undisturbed by the near disaster, found himself days later, in St. Lucia, wailing for the cameras over the cyclical sargassum (which can be cleaned and used as fertilizer, and also be made into kelp supplements).

How does the head of the United Nations justify traveling the world to sound the alarm on climate change, become deaf, dumb, & blind regarding intentional environmental disaster?

Though planting underwater bombs is not as skilled as severing undersea pipelines, it is still far above the expertise of the primitive cannon fodder terrorists on the ground in Syria. As with the attack last year, this one required state sponsorship, and likely a group effort among the still unknown state sponsors.

The hatred of Syria’s sovereignty by the collective empire is so ravenous, these killers are amenable to destroying even the sea, in order to impose that final solution against the Republic.

This latest attack on Syria — with cataclysmic ramifications far beyond the Syrian Arab Republic — comes as military operations are underway to liberate Idlib, the biggest al Qaeda haven since 9/11.

Miri Wood

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Almost immediately upon Syrian engineers and technicians repairing the undersea pipelines, last year, the British Royal thugs pirated an Iranian oil tanker, suspected of carrying crude to Syria.

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