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Oil Pollution Reached the Shores of Jableh from Baniyas Pipeline Sabotage

Pollution reached Jableh shores from Baniyas oil pipeline sabotage

Days after the sabotage of undersea oil pipelines in Baniyas last week, the pollution reached the shores of Jableh in the north, while Syrian environment, municipal and public authorities rushed from the first day to contain the leak, and clean the pollution.

Syrian News Agency SANA made the following report showing the work being carried out to clear the pollution and return the Mediterranean shores of Jableh to Baniyas to the crystal clear and clean status it was:

Video also available on BitChute:

Transcript of English translation:

The workshops of public bodies in Lattakia province began scrubbing the Mediterranean shores in Latakia province of oil stains that appeared in many areas from the mouth of Banias to the city of Jableh after the oil pipelines in Banias were subjected to sabotage a few days ago.

In direct coordination with the province of Latakia and all the technical activities that exist for the pollution that reached the coast of Latakia and part of the beaches of Tartous.

Environment Ministry Official: Currently, we are following up with the governor the procedures he started from the first moment the teams were on the ground and working.

We see the progress of the work and what is in the future, what will be done and what actions to follow in the future to avoid such cases.

Head of Ports Authority: There were oil stains on the area extending from the estuary to Jableh, in a number of areas like Aidais, Kass, Muwailah, and Fakhoura areas. The largest percentage of pollution was in the area near the estuary, which is the Arabulmelk, and was treated as a sandy beach.

Currently, we suffer from work in the rocky areas as we follow but need concerted efforts from all public bodies in the province to control this situation.

End of transcript of the English translation.

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