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Amb. Jaafari Slams Liars at UN Meeting: SAMS Illegals Embedded with Terrorists


H.E. Bashar al Jaafari, Syria’s ambassador to the United Nations was again forced into giving yet another tutorial on International Law and the UN Charter, on 25 June, during yet another anti-Syria soiree. Listed as yet another meeting on the “Humanitarian Situation” in the SAR, the usual suspects — mostly the same liars who lied about Aleppo and Ghouta — were gathered to spew their support of al Qaeda terrorists against the Syrian people, this time the western trio smuggled into the UNSC meeting the executive of SAMS, a USAID NGO focused on Syria, a non-Syrian, a non-Consultative society, and working against the interests of a member state of the United Nations, all against the UN Charter.

The consummate diplomat again explained that the government of his country has the responsibility and the right to defend its citizenry against foreign pathogens.

Dr. Jaafari also reminded the criminals gathered at the Security Council meeting that the Geneva/ ICRC treaties explicitly state that medical facilities may only be created with the explicit consent of the host country.

sams geneva convention pdf
The Geneva Conventions are in pdf format, available to all to read.

Dr. Jaafari also reminded his colleagues that the UN Charter is explicit that no part of it — no part of its buildings, no part of its meetings — could be used to attack a member state.

This portion of the Charter has been consistently flaunted since the beginning of the foreign imposed crisis in Syria. The mafiosi who control the UN have held several secret meetings on Syria, which have excluded Syria’s Permanent Representative. These secret, anti-Syria meetings are euphemistically called “closed door briefings.”

H.1E. Jaafari excluded from “closed consultations” 10 April 2018.

Among them have been the showing of the secret video presented by the alleged doctor allegedly smuggled out of Syria, which made Samantha Power cry, on 16 April 2015. Also in early April 2015, the Palestinian Observer to the UN held a press conference in which he stated he was part of a Syria-less “behind closed doors” meeting.

Publicly, the criminals of the UN have hosted various Syria haters, including the alleged head of the organ stealing, stethoscope-less, death squad Helmets (though not its British founder, LeMesurier, subsequently knighted by the queen for his work at her behest), and CNN’s Clarissa Ward (who has bragged about multiple illegal entries into the SAR).

White Helmets al Qaeda ‘humanitarian branch’ will receive another $5 million from US taxpayers.
White Helmets abusing corpses of slaughter SAA soldiers.

Let us also Never Forget! that the UN hosted a hideous, Qatar-funded, ”Caesar” exhibit.

This most recent anti-Syria Council meeting found yet a new level of anti-Syria arrogance: Not only did the rabid hyenas give a chair to the criminal “Syrian American Medical Society” to bark about faux hospitals and fling coprophiliac-inspired fake health statistics about, but this podium was given to the new ‘executive director’ of SAMS, who is not Syrian and who is also not a physician. David Lillie is not Syrian. He is not a physician. He is an employee of the CIA, via its covert front, USAID (as this is not official, Ambassador Jaafari did not breach diplomacy; he did not mention the CIA).

As if bringing in a non-Syrian head of a gang engaged in criminal acts against Syria, to engage in criminal propaganda against Syria were not enough of an imperialist insult, the UK ambassador, Karen Pierce, threw the weight of her colonialist impunity into breaching diplomatic protocol, interrupting Dr. Jaafari 7 minutes into his statement (and she was not censured).

Fantasizing about a new Sykes-Picot, Pierce arrogantly interrupted H.E. Jaafari, to bark support for illegal SAMS.

Here, Syria News reminds our readers of salient points regarding the criminal SAMS:

  • In July 2017, using SAMS own reports on its ’17th International Conference’ — in Istanbul, Turkey, which is not Syria — and ‘7 Day Medical Mission,’ that SAMS was either lying or engaged in human vivisection.
  • On 4 April 2018, we provided documentation of SAMS terrorist affiliations, found in liberated Ghouta.
  • SAMS terrorist affiliates committed the massacre in Douma.
  • US taxpayers pick up the tab for SAMS tax-exempt status. In 2013, it laid claim to exemption based on providing “scholarships to medical students” and “medical relief to needy patients of Syrian descent” (see “Credibility & the Smoking Gun of SAMS,” here). 

Ambassador Bashar al Jaafari’s statement to the UNSC:

and on Steemit:

Transcript of English word by word translation:

Thank you Mr. President

There’s a well-known adage that says that which harms you can also help you grow, and this is a saying which makes my task considerably easier, because it makes it easier for me to criticize the invitation extended to the executive director of the so-called Syrian American Medical Society SAMS, particularly in light of the praise by the US representative on this association SAMS and its work in Syria, I think that speaks volumes as to the extent this association belongs to the US intelligence agencies that are active in my country and in other countries.

This is not a false accusation against this Society, which, by the way, fails every year to obtain the Consultative Status at meetings of the NGO Committee, here in New York. Every year they submit a request and fail to be granted the Consultative Status for reasons well known to the member states of this organization and there’s no need to detail it here.

However, you only have to look at their website to see that this organization is part of the US Federal Government, this is its definition on its website, and I’ll read it out in English, this ‘society’ is attached to an agency called USAID, which the gentleman who is attending with us here was working for it for 8 years before he moved to head the so-called Syrian American Medical Society.

For 8 years he was active in this agency in Iraq and Afghanistan and then ended up in Syria. What’s important is that this society works for the USAID, and the USAID present itself on its website as follows, and I’ll read it in English:

USAID, the US Agency for International Development, an independent agency of the United States Federal Government, its budget exceeds 27 Billion US Dollars.

This is how USAID describes itself on its very own website, the individual present with us this afternoon who spoke on behalf a society called the Syrian American Medical Society SAMS, is an employee of USAID, so he’s an employee of the US administration, meaning he’s a federal employee, therefore, he’s not independent, so, the invitation extended to him to address this Council is a wrong invitation.

Moreover, he is American, he’s not Syrian, which means that he does not have the right to speak about another state, the state that is not his own.

His association, the Syrian American Medical Society SAMS is not licensed to work in Syria, so it’s an illegal organization that is operating illegally in Syrian territory.

There’s a very important question that must be addressed which is the legal illiteracy, this legal illiteracy does not give one the right to ignore the UN Charter, the resolutions of the Security Council and the United Nations General Assembly Resolutions, and the mutually agreed resolutions in other important international bodies which I will talk about right now.

Firstly, the Geneva Convention do not allow an organization such as that one to work on the territory of a state without getting the authorization and agreement of the state in which it seeks to work.

Secondly, when the International Red Cross and Red Crescent was established in the year 1921 its stature prohibited very clearly any association whether be it a medical association or an association of any other ilk to work on the territory of any other state which is under occupation without the authority and agreement of that state.

UNGA Resolution 46/182 which all of you are familiar with, UNGA Resolution 46/182 provides that nobody, no individual, no organization can engage in humanitarian activities without the approval of the concerned state’s authorities.

Paragraph 14 of the UNGA Resolution on the plan of conferences which is a mutually agreed resolution that we adopt every year, stipulates that the rooms, the facilities, the buildings and premises of the United Nations cannot be used against the interests of a member state of a member state of the United Nations.

What else to add? Oh, there is actually one more important let’s draw the attention to: the executive director of this organization or society said that they have delivered 14 million medical services, 14 million medical services, in Idlib.

If you are all familiar and as per the reports of OCHA and others that Al-Nusra Front holds 99% of Idlib territory, Al-Nusra Front is a terrorist organization controls 99% of the territory of Idlib, where the Syrian American Medical Society is active, how can this society be active in areas under the control of a terrorist organization?

This means possibly that there must be cooperation between this organization and the terrorist group, this organization SAMS is therefore lending its support to terrorist organizations in Idlib, it is not in any way helping the civilians of Idlib.

The British Representative unethically and against the charter interrupts the statement of the Syrian Ambassador to the United Nation Security Council Dr. Jaafari: … with Al Nusra Front, and it is dangerous to humanitarian workers on the ground to allege such a connection when there isn’t one. So, I just want to get that on the record Mr. President, cuz this could put real lives at risk.

President of the session: I give the floor back to the representative of the Syrian Arab Republic to conclude his statement.

Dr. Jaafari: This is a first for me that the representative of a country interrupts the representative of another country in the middle of their statement to raise a point of order, this can’t be done, this can’t be done, and it’s not allowed for anybody to interrupt an ambassador of another state while reading a statement.

Whatever the case may be, I have simply laid out the facts of events, information, and I have asked legitimate questions to all of you, think about it, think of what we have said about information and real events, we are giving you information for you to verify, these are not accusations, these are facts.

Mr. President,

My country’s delegation has taken note of the 61st report on the implementation of those resolutions which are supposed to be humanitarian nature, which are supposed to help support efforts of the Syrian state and its institutions to improve the lives and wellbeing of Syrian civilians and to boost their capacity and ability to endure the deplorable humanitarian conditions that are the fruit of the terrorist war that was imposed on my country in all its faces and to overcome it.

I won’t delve into the detail of the 61st report, which was published for agendas with no links to the interests in the wellbeing and security of the Syrian people. It is simply used as a vehicle to repeat the same tune of something that may have been true in the past but remains the favorite tune of certain enemy governments.

And the simplest example of what I’m talking about is the fact that most pages of this report are focused on the situation in Idlib, of course, as per the views of OCHA and its ‘open sources’ by using a cunning language and vague expressions and fabricated names and fabricated descriptions. It brings us back to an era which we thought we, and OCHA, had put behind, an era in which OCHA, and some of its representatives, were exploited to serve the agendas of certain countries who have influence in this Security Council and who were seeking to undermine the efforts of the Syrian government and to find pretext to point the finger at it and to make an enemy of it instead of seeking to build a comprehensive cooperation, partnership, and pre-coordination with it.

This at a time where cities like Raqqa, Hajin, Baghouz, Deir Ezzor, Tadmor (Palmyra), Tal Rifaat, Afrin, and Manbij did not receive any attention from those who prepared these reports, those who always spoke with very brief and shy sentences and without calling things with their real names by attributing the responsibilities of the aggression, the war crimes, and the crimes against humanity committed by the International Coalition and the Turkish occupation forces and their agent militias and terrorist organizations.

And the dramatic and horrific plight of the civilians living in areas where American occupation forces exist such as Rukban and Al-Hol Camps, and if it wasn’t for those who prepared this report seeking to put smoke in our eyes and claim they are unbiased and professional, which we really were wishing they had, they would have not mentioned at all those crimes which are impossible to doubt it happened and its large scale.

And based on the information included in the report that hundreds of foreign fighters who were residing in Al-Hol Camp have left, we have the right to ask about the destination where those terrorists were moved to?

These are very important information Mr. President,

This information that thousands of the foreign terrorists have left Al-Hol Camp, we’re asking about the destination those terrorists were taken to? What is their fate? Will they be recycled through Turkey and sent again into Syria again, as what happened before when thousands of terrorists were transported from north eastern areas, and from elsewhere through Turkish territories to carry out terrorist acts against secured areas in northwest Syria, like in Kassab city, or to enter Idlib city and its countryside? And what are the bases followed to remove them (out of Al-Hol camp)?

Who facilitated that operation and financed it? And will we see a re-emerging of those terrorists in countries which targeting is due, as per the policies of some (countries), with new fabricated names like the Islamic State in North Africa DASHA, there’s now an Islamic State in North Africa and it’s called DASHA, like DAESH (ISIS) in our region, the Islamic State in the Caucasus and Central Asia ‘DAQAO’, also they found a name for it, or elsewhere?

It seems that the investment in terrorism is much more feasible and lucrative for certain member states of this organization rather in investment in the sustainable development goals, or in investment in preserving the environment, or reduce the conflicts and weapons of mass destruction, and the humanitarian efforts.

Mr. President,

We have confirmed from the first Security Council session about the humanitarian situation in my country years ago that in order to improve the humanitarian situation in Syria significantly requires to address the foreign political, military, and economic meddling in Syria’s internal affairs, and naturally, detailing these aggressive meddling will consume time and efforts, which your Council cannot bear, and I believe that some in this Council are not ready to seriously get involved in essential matters which resolving would serve the noble goals of the realistic humanitarian work.

Are the representatives of the Western member states in this council prepared to discuss the terrorism targeting my country? The terrorism which some invest in and supply with tens of thousands of foreign terrorists coming from 100 countries member states in this organization, and with all sorts of support, financing and arming, and would the representatives of those same states like to discuss the economic terrorism, are they prepared to talk about the collective punishment imposed on the Syrian people by their governments through the vehicle of coercive unilateral sanctions, these sanctions which have no pity for children, for the elderly, for women, for the sick, are these colleagues willing to talk about the role of their governments in prolonging this crisis which has now dragged on for little more than 8 years?

These governments that impede the efforts for the political solution thus heap further suffering on the Syrian people? We all know very well what will the response be, and we realize that these governments resort to all pretext and vague excuses to avoid the discussions that would expose the political, legal, and moral faults of its policies.

I will skip some paragraphs for fear that we might be erroneously accused of hostility against the OCHA. Translators, I’ll move on to the end of page 6.

We have achieved a great deal, despite the massive challenges raised against us. And we firmly believe that we could have together achieved more in the humanitarian work, if some partners in the United Nations would commit to the principles of the humanitarian work, in particular respecting the sovereignty, impartiality, and non-politicization, and cooperation and the full coordination with the Syrian government. The Syrian government bears chief responsibility for meeting the humanitarian needs of its people.

Mr. President,

The Syrian government, or any responsible government in this world, including your esteemed governments, cannot remain idly by while terrorists take control of one of its areas, and take its people as human shields, and to indiscriminately target the secure civilians in the neighboring cities and towns with missiles and rockets, naturally, it’s the duty of the Syrian government to defend its citizens, and it must respond to the terrorists who fire the missiles and to counter terrorism.

This is the right duly confirmed by United Nations resolutions on counter-terrorism activities as well as by international law.

To speak about deliberate targeting of civilians or civilian infrastructure by the Syrian government and its allies is a gross distortion of the truth, and are baseless allegations.

In conclusion, Mr. President,

I reaffirm that our government will continue to work tirelessly to help its people, the Syrians, to overcome this ear in their nation’s history, and to provide the services and support and to help them move forward and rehabilitate and build what terror and aggression has destroyed.

I also reaffirm that the path to improve the humanitarian situation in my country is crystal clear, it requires the full respect of the sovereignty of the Syrian Arab Republic, and its territorial integrity. And to lift the unilateral coercive measures which are illegal and inhumane, and to support the Syrian state’s efforts in both the humanitarian and development sectors, and in the efforts the government are taking to counter terrorism, and to end the illegal presence of foreign American, British, French and Turkish forces from all of the Syrian territories.

I will leave it there, thank you very much President

End of English translation transcript.

Captioning and transcripts courtesy of Arabi Souri.

Miri Wood

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