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Israel Tried to Assassinate Venezuelan President Mr. Maduro

Venezuelan President Mr. Nicolas Maduro

A new heinous military coup attempt was foiled by the Venezuelan security which included the assassination of President Maduro, the plan involved Israel.

The Venezuelan government stated that it foiled a military coup that intended to assassinate President Nicolas Maduro and instate an army general in his place, The news was announced by the Venezuelan minister of information Jorje Rodrigues yesterday Wednesday.

Current and retired officers in the Venezuelan army are involved in the plot which was supposed to release military general ‘Raoul Issayes Badwil’ from prison where he is detained since 2009 and the plot was supposed to be carried out between 23rd and 24th of June.

A confession was aired by the Venezuelan media by the accomplice general confirming the details of the military coup plot which was initiated with support from Israeli IDF terrorist organization and the USA Army.

The Venezuelan government has officially accused the USA, Colombia, and Chile of their involvement in this failed coup.

Venezuelan massive reserves of oil and its social policies supporting the poor in the country are two main reasons that the US has been determined to control the country for, to steal the oil and eliminate the threat of an example of a society that might spread to its own and provide a decent minimum living standards to its people.

Venezuela has condemned Israeli war crimes and its apartheid regime and ill treatment of the Palestinians under its occupation, in addition to stretching its evil hands into South America to compete with the presence of China and Russia closer to the USA, these could be the motives of its involvement in addition of course to its politicians’ criminal backgrounds and mentality.

This is not the first time the US has been involved in attempts to overthrow the Venezuelan government and install puppet regimes, the last assassination attempt was last August 2018, we advised President Maduro to build on the momentum back then and clean the country from US’s 5th column, that would have saved the lives of at least 40,000 Venezuelans who died due to the US imposed sanctions.

Imagine the Western mainstream media and politicians hysteria if a plot was discovered to assassinate the Israeli war criminal Netanyahu, and the accusation of antisemitism, even though Netanyahu, like most of the Israeli imported settlers, are antisemites themselves attacking the real Semites of the Levant, the decedents of Sam son of Noah.

Mr. Maduro succeeded the very popular Venezuelan leader late President Hugo Chavez in 2013, who many believe was killed by poison, even the late president himself expected that fate.

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