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What President Nicolas Maduro Should Do Now

Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro addressing the National Guards.

What President Nicolas Maduro should do now is exactly what the Western mainstream media is warning of and fearing: impose highest level of emergency law, if already in place then increase it, and literally ‘purge’ any figure who has ties with the US, UK, France, any other NATO member state, or ties with Colombia and any other servant of NATO. ‘Purge’ is the word used by the ‘Washing US Tons of Crimes Post‘.

What President Maduro shouldn’t do at all is to follow any ‘advice’ from any of his allies and try to maintain the situation by embracing the opposition or offering any shred of leniency like how Syria’s friends ‘advised’ during the early days of the Syrian Crisis, it’ll end up on the same path.

Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro Assassination Attempt
Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro Assassination Attempt

Famous Arab novelist Khalil Gebran once said: Worst of my fears is when treason becomes a point of view.

Nicolas Maduro was a target of a disgraceful, ugly, Cold War style assassination attempt during a military parade celebrating the country’s National Guard’s Day using drones armed with bombs, NATO-sponsored terrorist organization’s style used mainly to constantly attack Russian military base in Hmeimim in Syria.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Do not follow the path the Syrian state followed at the beginning of the events with the soft-handed dealing with foreign-supported opposition.

Screenshot of Video the Moment Venezuela First Lady Heard the Sound of the Blast and Looked Up During the Assassination Attempt
Screenshot of Video the Moment Venezuela First Lady Heard the Sound of the Blast and Looked Up During the Assassination Attempt

The ‘Western’ democracies have gone way further for way less ‘crimes’ in pursuit of imposing censorship and submission over their citizens and residents of their countries, why should Venezuela act softer with people actually undermining the state’s law and order, especially during events like attempted assassination of the country’s president, his wife, top army commanders, and a large number of the National Guards during a public parade.

The UK jailed two young guys 4 years each for posting a post on Facebook calling for a protest, and nobody blinked even.

UK jails 2 young men four years each for posting a post on Facebook in August 2011
UK jails 2 young men four years each for posting a post on Facebook in August 2011

The US ‘Law Makers’ or call them ‘Low Makers’, are in a frenzy against Russian citizens residents in the USA and US citizens who use Facebook and say anything positive towards Russia. They accuse these Facebook posting people of treason, espionage, working to ‘harm the US’s democracy’…

Mr. Maduro shouldn’t forget how the US worked to assassinate a number of presidents of Latin America including Mr. Maduro’s mentor and former President Hugo Chavez.

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  1. James

    Whilst Syria has, so far, won the eight and a half year war against the terrorist proxies of Washington, Saudi Arabia, Israel and their allies, it seems, to me, more likely that, had the Syrian government approached the war from March 2011 as the above article suggests, a lot fewer than 400,000 Syrians, including 80,000 Syrian Arab Army soldiers would have died and Raqqa, Aleppo and much of the rest of Syria would not be in ruins.

    A similar war in Venezuela is too awful to contemplate.

    Whilst I don’t completely rule out the possibility that it was necessary for Syria’s ally, Russia, to handle the United States global bully with kid gloves to prevent nuclear war, I think that Russia could still have made far more effective use of the media, as well as diplomacy.

    As two examples, why don’t Oksana Boyko (of “World’s Apart”) and Sophie Shevardnadze (of “SophieCo”), just issue standing invitations to US spokespersons to put their unsubstantiated views to them and to their audiences? I also think that RT needs to point out more prominently that Afshin Rattansi of RT’s “Going Underground” [1] routinely issues invitations, to those of whom he has been critical, to appear on his show to put their side.

    Given the United States’ monstrous record since 1945, [2] the Russian media, including RT and Sputnik should be able to run rings around any representative of its government or of its ‘news’ media. The United States’ record, apart from Syria, includes Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Afghanistan and, before, that, the Tokyo firebombing, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Korea, [3] Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia [4] and most of Latin America, including Chile, Argentina, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala. The death tolls from each one of these conflicts are in the thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or millions.

    Regarding Venezuela, given the monstrous record of the United States, as described above, it should be defined as treason for any Venezuelan to knowingly collude with the government of such a country or any one of its agents. Knowingly receiving money from the United States or its allies should also be defined as treason. Anyone infringing these laws should be dealt with accordingly by the Venezuelan judiciary.

    On another topic, for all his hostility to progressive governments in Latin America, including those of Nicaragua and Venezuela, I still think Donald Trump sincerely wants to end United States’ hegemony and that is why he has incurred the wrath of all the corporate newsmedia and all the intelligence agencies. For all of Trump’s shortcomings, both real and apparent, I still think humanity has a great stake in preventing the United States’ deep state’s attempt to cancel the vote of 8 November 2016.

    (Footnotes will follow in the next post.)

  2. James


    [1] Details of Afshin Rattansi’s program can be found at . Afshin does, as a matter of course, issues invitations to those, of whom he has been critical, to appear on his program. Only once, recently, on 4 August, as far as I can recall, did he succeed in getting someone, of whhom he had been critical, to appear. That person was a spokesman for the phony “White Helmets” civil defence group (see

    [2] This followed the death of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) on 12 April 1945. Vice President Harry S. Truman the became President. Truman was given the post, over FDR’s preferred candidate, Henry Wallace, by Democratic Party apparatchiks on 21/7/1944 (,_1944).

    [3] The devastation inflicted on all of Korea, particularly ‘North’ Korea, between 1950 and 1953 as a proportion of that country’s size, exceeds even what Hitler’s Third Reich inflicted on any one country. United States Air Force General Curtis Le May perversely boasted that he had killed 25% of North Korea’s population. Others think that that is an under-estimate.

    [4] In the CIA-orchestrated coup of 1965, at least 500,000 Indonesian communists were murdered. Whilst ‘communist’ has recently become a pejorative term even amongst many otherwise informative anti-war websites, such as The Duran ( and Russia Insider (, in 1965, the Communist PKI was the Indonesian equivalent of the Labor Party in Australia.


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