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FSA Terrorists Kill 3 Civilians Injure 6 More in Aleppo

FSA Terrorists Kill 3 Civilians Injure 6 More in Aleppo

Turkey-sponsored FSA remnant terrorists killed 3 civilians and injured 6 more in their continuous attacks against residential neighborhoods in Aleppo city.

The recent casualties came from the indiscriminate shelling by the FSA terrorists stationed in the outskirts of al-Zahra Residential Society and in the villages in Aleppo’s southwest countryside.

Large material damage in the houses of the residents and their vehicles resulted from the terrorists latest shelling.

Syrian Arab Army (SAA) units responded to the source of the attacks with artillery shelling inflicting losses in men and equipment among the FSA terrorists ranks.

FSA Terrorists in the region belong mostly to the Nusra Front branch aka al-Qaeda Levant and many other names its propagandists kept renaming it to whitewash their crimes.

The United States of America lists Nusra Front as a terrorist organization but after it made sure they were beefed up with enough weapons and established an abundant arming and financing routes for them. At the same time, the US regime considers the FSA umbrella which Nusra Front operate under as ‘Moderate Rebels’ and gave itself the right to completely sponsor these terrorists!

We believe these attacks are to lure the SAA towards a large military campaign with these terrorist groups in the north where Nusra Front terrorists enjoy the strategic depth with Erdogan’s Army in the north. The goal is to push the SAA to change any set plans and distract it from the goals of cleaning the province of Idlib and the northeast from remnants of US-sponsored ISIS and the SDF.

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