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Al-Qaeda ‘Activist’ Discredits Pentagon Propagandists from Maarat Numan

Maarat Numan 26 January 2020 Empty

Maarat Numan is empty, no residents and the buildings seem to be intact, that’s in reality, but on western mainstream media, they have their own ‘reality’.

A terrorist from one of the US-sponsored Al-Qaeda affiliates operating in the city of Maarat Numan appeared in a video earlier this morning, Sunday 26 January 2020, with a message that instead of helping them in their propaganda has exposed their lies about the city and the alleged atrocities in it by the Syrian Arab Army and its allies.

The short video filmed in Maarat Numan, Al-Qaeda’s last stronghold in Idlib province before the city of Idlib itself, shows empty streets and the same is confirmed by the terrorist himself saying there’s no residents in the city, the video also shows, especially when the ‘activist’ for Al-Qaeda spins around in place the buildings are intact, it doesn’t seem like a destroyed city as pictured in Western media, watch:

The video is also available on BitChute:

There are damaged houses and maybe buildings, but those are on the outskirts of the city where terrorists were using as their quarters and launchpads to shell the other towns and villages, but it’s nowhere near the fake news spread by NATO’s media in the west. They have their own techniques to multiply the scenes and apply footage taken elsewhere on the places they want to amplify, and coincidentally it’s always where the Syrian Arab Army advances against Al-Qaeda terrorists.

The city and province has been under Al-Qaeda terrorist control for several years, but that’s fine for the western propagandists, but when the SAA approaches to clean it they become hysterical.

The US-led War of Terror waged against Syria has exposed all sorts of lies used by the Pentagon propagandists, due to its longevity, had it been a swift war like what they did in Libya or Iraq, they’ll immediately forget about it and move to the second country in the list, the deaths and suffering inflicted by their war machines and terrorists are not what they are told to report about.

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  1. Miri

    Thank you for preserving this insane video; his handlers may remove it, because he shows signs of being a meth freak, evidenced by jitters & the dissociation that makes him not notice being surrounded by intact buildings.

    Captagon is meth potentiated by the bronchodilator, theophylline.

    American taxes at work; nice White Helmets jacket.


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