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Russian Soldier Killed and Three Others Injured Northeast of Syria

Russian soldier killed and 3 injured in landmine northeast of Syria

A Russian soldier was killed and 3 of his colleagues injured by a landmine in the Ras Al-Ayn region in the Hasakah province, northeast of Syria yesterday, 09 June 2021.

The Russian patrol’s vehicle hit a landmine near the Asadiyah town on the Tal Tamr – Ras Al-Ayn road on the frontline between the US-sponsored Kurdish separatist SDF terrorists and the Turkish-sponsored Al Qaeda affiliated terrorists of the so-called National Army.

Russian military police evacuated the casualties to the Ad Darbasiyah hospital near the borders with Turkey on the road to Qamishli main airport.

The video shows Russian troops waiting near the emergency room at the hospital:

The video is also on YouTube and BitChute.

As per the Sochi agreement of October 2019, the Russian military police runs joint patrols with their Turkish counterparts along the Syrian borders with Turkey to de-escalate the tensions in the region, the Turkish party only committed to running the patrols whenever and wherever they deemed needed and they refuse to commit to all the other articles of the agreement and the following agreements until today.

Nobody claimed responsibility for this terrorist attack that claimed the life of this Russian soldier hero and injured his friends, however, it comes few days after the Russian military police rammed into a herd of US oil thieves working for the ‘inclusive and most diverse’ Joseph Biden in the same area.

Russia has lost a considerable number of its fine men in the fight against the international terrorism in Syria, their sacrifices helped the Syrian armed forces defeat ISIS and a number of terrorist groups, and more importantly for the Russian people helped keep them safe in their cities, the terrorism brought up in Syria is one episode in a long series that started by the USA creating Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan presumably to fight none else than the USSR, then it used this proxy group wherever it deemed useful, it inspired other terrorist groups and morphed into the likes of ISIS and its affiliates in Central African countries we’re seeing on daily bases, Russia was the grand prize for these terrorists after they destroy the rest of the world.

Taking over Syria would have escalated cornering Russia and cutting off China, Iran would have been collateral damage; the Russian sacrifices in Syria are as important as their sacrifices against the invaders of their country throughout history.

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