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Russian Forces Patrol Rams into US Oil Thieves Army in Northern Syria

Russian forces ram into US oil thieves in northern Syria

Russian military police carrying out an ordinary patrol spotted vehicles of the US oil thieves illegally deployed in northern Syria and rammed their vehicles into it.

The incident reported by Russian media outlet RusVesna shows the Russian armored vehicles chasing the US army vehicle then one Russian armored vehicle rams into the US oil thieves forcing them to stop for a moment then they tried to run away from behind the Russian troops.

Instead of surrendering to the Russian military patrol acting as the law enforcement authorities representing the Syrian state, the US oil thieves units tried to flee the scene, they were not supposed to be in the area in the first place.

After being cornered, a Russian helicopter was called and it gave the US oil thieves the usual sand shower before letting setting them loose.

This video starts with this latest incident, it was shared on Sunday, 23 May 2021, and followed by clips from last year of similar confrontations between the Russian military police and the US oil thieves, in one of the incidents the US forces tried to enter the city of Qamishli and brought their reinforcement in but they couldn’t pass through the Russians blocking the road and had to leave the site.

The video is also on YouTube and BitChute.

Russian forces are in Syria upon an official invitation from the Syrian state to help in fighting the international terrorist groups sponsored by NATO member states and regional stooges. Russia is a permanent member state of the United Nations Security Council and has a large interest in defeating these terrorist groups in Syria before they are smuggled into Russian cities by NATO countries. The Russian leadership fears a rise of anti-Islamic terrorists among ethnicities in the Caucasus with links to Turkey.

The US troops are illegally deployed in Syria basically to support ISIS and with an official task to steal Syrian oil as per their former commander-in-chief’s statement.

We have absolutely no idea why the USA needs to deploy its troops in Syria just to steal the Syrian oil and risk having a serious confrontation with another nuclear superpower, Russia, small incidents do escalate very fast if not contained. Syria was never and will never surrender to the evil camp led by the United States and its western European neo-colonialists and crusaders wannabes, whatever the cost is, and if there are any smart US advisors left they should advise their Biden to leave Syria at their earliest and with the least cost possible.

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  1. JEFF N

    The Oil and Wheat Thieving Terrorists should be treated as just that… Thieving Terrorists. SAA, Russia and Iran must send them quickly to Jah for Judgement. Ameen.✨

  2. Duncan

    Well, maybe… after all, the U.S. DID slaughter a couple of hundred of these Russian pukes a couple of years ago. Little Vladimir Vladimirovich smoked a turd on THAT one… bwahaha

    • Arabi Souri

      You’re mixing between the Russian Army and a volunteer group which fell into a trap set by the Kurds who said they wanted to go to defend Afrin from the Turkish invasion and those men came to takeover guarding the oil field and instead were slaughtered as they weren’t going to fight, there’s a huge difference between carrying out an attack and simply marching to replace guards, ask someone who served in any army will explain the difference to you.

      In addition to betraying their own brethren in Afrin, I believe the Kurds paid a hefty price afterwards for that specific betrayal and were left to face the Turks and their terrorists more than once, and there’s a bigger price they’ll be paying soon enough.

  3. Russ

    Duncan, your buddies have NO right to be in Syria. Do you condone thievery? Get out now while you can with any dignity left.


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