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Russian Helicopter ‘Dusts Away’ Trump Forces Convoy Northeast Syria

Russian helicopter dusts away Trump forces convoy northeast of Syria

A Russian helicopter was called in to assist in pushing away a convoy of Trump forces in Al Malikiyeh, northeast Syria, four of Trump forces were injured.

According to unnamed Pentagon sources, at least four Trump troops were injured in the ‘skirmish,’ the claims were regurgitated by Trump’s White House.

A video captured by a Russian military police officer on a Russian armored vehicle shows a Russian helicopter coming to the scene where the heavily armed oil thieves convoy was stopped by the Russian military police. The helicopter flew very low over the Trump forces blowing sand and dust on the oil thieves which forced them to flee the site:

The video is also available on BitChute.

Such confrontations usually end up with road rage maneuvers that would be talked over phone calls between officers of the Russian military and officers of the Trump regime, until 10 days ago when a Syrian military checkpoint stopped a similar convoy of oil thieves operating for Donald Trump who in turn called in their air forces that attacked the SAA checkpoint killing one Syrian soldier on Syrian land and injured two more by forces operating illegally and for the sole purpose of stealing Syrian oil.

Trump forces, aka as Syrian oil thieves, operate illegally in Syria to steal the Syrian oil with the help of the separatist Kurdish SDF armed militia, ISIS, and Erdogan forces, their very presence on Syrian territories is against international law.

Donald Trump himself clearly stated the task of his 500 member forces in northeast Syria by saying: ‘We are there to steal Syrian oil, I like oil’, or whatever he means in his own words, leaving no more room for speculations or thinking otherwise:

There is no way to know the real numbers of injuries to Trump forces because the Pentagon, State Department and White House have institutionalized lying about casualties since Robert McNamara was Secretary of State during the US invasion of Vietnam.

Trump hasn’t stepped away from this institutionalized lying. After Iran gave a slap of retaliation against his assassination of IRGC commander Qasem Soleimani, he continued to claim zero American casualties even as injured US troops were being flown to Germany with brain injuries.

Hopefully, there will be another Russian helicopter to dust away more Trump forces from Syria.

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