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Trump Terrorists Murder a Child and Injure Four Civilians in Daraa Countryside

Daraa: Nine police cadets killed in a surprise attack by al-Qaeda moderate opposition

Terrorists loyal to the US embattled Donald Trump murdered a child and injured four civilians by an IED detonated in a vehicle in Daraa province, south of Syria.

The IED (Improvised Explosive Device) was planted in the vehicle itself and was detonated Monday night, 24 August, at the main roundabout in the city of Dael in the northern countryside of Daraa, the Police Command stated.

The victims were taken to the nearest hospital, the injuries were evaluated as severe to moderate among the injured civilians.

Terrorist attacks continue to target Syrians in the southern region despite the conclusion of a reconciliation process led by the Russian Reconciliation Center which saw thousands of terrorists drop their weapons, many of them who were forced into joining terrorist groups returned to their normal lives and many others were shipped to Idlib, northwest of the country and the current last stronghold of al Qaeda.

Remnants of ISIS, Nusra Front and other al Qaeda affiliated terrorists moving freely through the open desert from and into Jordan with the help of the CIA and the Biriths MI6 continue to carry out these terrorist attacks as part of Donald Trump’s ‘Maximum Pressure’ campaign against the countries that are not under the US hegemony.

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