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President Assad Tasks PM Caretaker Hussein Arnous to Form the New Cabinet

Syria Prime Minister Engineer Hussein Arnous

President Bashar Assad assigned the task of forming the new cabinet to Mr. Hussein Arnous, the current caretaker prime minister.

The assignment was stipulated in the Presidential Decree 210 for 2020 naming Mr. Arnous as the new prime minister after the parliament elections which took place last month.

Mr. Arnous has a very difficult task to form and lead the executive branch of the state during the days in which the evil camp is increasing its economic pressure and terrorist acts, the evil camp spearheaded by lunatics and madmen the likes of Trump and Erdogan who, along with their ilk, have used their citizens’ taxmoney amounting to hundreds of billions of US dollars in their plot to overthrow the Syrian government and replace it with terrorist groups and puppets loyal to them.

With the increasing crimes committed by the US-led Axis of Evil against the Syrian people, the new prime minister has to come up with creative out of the box solutions to ease the tension for the daily lives of the people, fight corruption, and set the framework for the reconstruction of the country.

Mr. Hussein Arnous was has an extensive experience throughout his career since his graduation from the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the University of Aleppo in 1978 and started his early working days as the head of the Engineers Syndicate branch in Idleb.

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