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President Assad Relieves ‘Uncreative’ Prime Minister Mr. Khamis from Duty

Legislative Decree General Amnesty Syria - President Assad

Syrian President Dr. Bashar Al Assad relieved Prime Minister Imad Khamis from his duty as the head of the Syrian cabinet yesterday Thursday 11 June 2020 evening.

Decree Number 143 for the Year 2020 was issued by President Assad to relieve Engineer Imad Khamis from his post, the Syrian Presidency stated.

President Assad assigned the tasks of the former Prime Minister to Engineer Hussein Arnous in addition to his current post as Minister of Water Resources, the assignment is valid until a new government is formed following the coming parliamentary elections due 19 July, next month after it was postponed twice from 13 April to 20th May due to the preventive measures taken against the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in the country.

Mr. Arnous is from the town of al Tahh in the province of Idlib, currently, most of the province with up to 3 million Syrian civilians living in it is under the control of al-Qaeda Levant aka HTS aka Nusra Front, a terrorist organization listed as such by the United Nations, NATO, and the rest of the world, except that it enjoys unlimited support from the Turkish madman Erdogan and his anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood-controlled regime in Turkey.

Engineer Hussein Arnous’s task is not an easy one, even for such a temporary period as the country is under massive economic pressure from the pathogen and from the human pathogens running NATO and from their subhuman anti-Islamic suicide terrorists combining their efforts to destroy life in Syria in all ways and forms they can achieve.

Trump is hoping to take from Syria for free in 5 months what he and his predecessors since Eisenhower couldn’t take with over 7 trillions of dollars spending and tens of thousands of US troops sacrificed, millions of people killed, maimed, and tortured.

The country fighting against a war of terror and a war of attrition for the past 9 plus years waged against it by some of the world’s very heavyweight powers who resort to all heinous and cheap tactics with impunity to achieve their goals cannot be run by a reactionary government. A creative and dynamic government that can anticipate and address current and future plots by the enemies of humanity is what Syria needs right now.

A limited number of protesters took to the streets in the southern province of Sweida and in a couple of neighborhoods in Damascus protesting the economic situation which cannot be logically explained except in a systematic plot to undermine the Syrian economy and the national currency, the Syrian Lira. These protesters were met instantly with a systematically organized terror and economic worrying panic campaigns by the same host of western mainstream media and their regional stooges as if they were just waiting for any Syrian to complain to make it their case of the century after failing miserably in taking over Syria for the past period of time double that of the WWII.

Syria’s bad luck resides in the fact that its main foes are the world’s super-rich and superpowers, while its main allies are still playing Cold War times diplomacy hoping for the devil will change his heart.

A new government is formed and sworn in Syria after each parliamentary elections, and also to address urgent matters, this relieving of Engineer Khamis from his duty, though was a demand by some parts of the public it could have waited until the next elections next month, with the pressure coming from the wounded beasts of the USA and its minions, all of them, there’s a need for some shaking in the core of the state.

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