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Heated Syrian Parliament Elections 2020 Kicks Off, 1656 Candidates for 250 Seats

Syrians casting votes in Parliament Elections 2020

The most anticipated Syrian Parliament elections for the year 2020 has kicked off today in all the terrorists-free provinces.

Due to the preventive measures against the spread of the COVID-19 ‘pandemic’, the parliament elections were postponed twice since March 14th earlier this year until today, in spite of all difficulties and criticism by the enemies of the Syrian people, the Syrian elections have never missed its due date especially since the end of the year 1970.

1,656 candidates are competing to win the trust of the Syrian people and occupy the 250 seats of the Syrian Parliament, a tough race, especially taking in consideration the not so good conduct of the members of the previous parliament cycles during the past 9 plus years of the US-led War of Terror against the Syrian people, the increased suffering of the people by the US and EU draconian sanctions, and lately with ‘pandemic’.

The video is also available on BitChute.

Unlike in countries, states, and borderless entities in the US camp who control the elections through controlling the media and present two of the worst candidates to choose from (sounds familiar USAians?), never witness any sort of elections like the Gulfies, have mocking elections under fake ‘constitutional monarchies’ sugar-coated absolute monarchies ruling, or those who keep repeating the elections until their most corrupted war criminal Netanyahu (for instance) wins and extends his prison immunity further.

Syrians have high hope in the new parliament to be formed, the members have increased responsibilities in monitoring and assisting the government in continuing the path of cleaning the rest of the Syrian provinces from the US-sponsored terrorists, the US, Turkish, and the Israeli occupation, and in solidifying ways to restore the Syrian self-sufficiency which was achieved before those who control the USA decided to ‘democratize’ the most diverse Syrian community by adding elements of Al-Qaeda and the anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood radical groups to govern them.

Terrorists with their umbilical cord connected to the banksters controlling the western countries who would work on copying the western standards of demoralizing and disintegrating the Syrian society against all the teachings of the scripture the Syrians were entrusted to hold and spread worldwide and were capable of doing so. Those radical elements have no concern about the interest and the wellbeing of the Syrian people, their role will be to turn Syria into another Iraq, or Libya, or any of the other failed states the US managed to get control over.

Any elections in Syria will be demonized, smeared, and attacked by the same parties that sponsored and supported al-Qaeda terrorists in the country, their approval is not needed by the Syrian people, on the contrary, the Syrians would consider any results or candidates approved or praised by the US-led camp as a testimony that something is wrong, that’s how much experience the United ‘Snakes’ of America has among the Syrian people due to its heinous acts, and this is how they call it.

Join us in praying for the Syrian people a successful and peaceful parliament elections, a swift recovery from the economic sufferings imposed on them by the leaders of the western world, from the terrorism and fast liberating of the rest of the country from terrorists imported from all sides of the planet and dumped into Syria to ‘free’ the Syrian people from their dignity, and to be able to rebuild Syria to the country the Syrian people aspire to, not what their enemies would like to see.

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  1. Miri

    Prior to the 2014 presidential elections, every NATO country & also the UN’s then SG Ban denigrated or attempted to sabotage them.

    Afterward, all refused to recognize the results.

  2. Miri

    An unconfirmed report claims that unknown terrorists remotely detonated a vehicle near to a polling place in Deir Ezzor.


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