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Terrorists Target Russian Military Police Patrol in Daraa with an IED

Russian Military Police in Syria

A Russian Military Police patrol was targeted by an IED (Improvised Explosive Device) in the countryside of Daraa, in the northern region of Syria Thursday 12 November 2020.

‘The explosive device was detonated when the Russian military police patrol was moving on the Izraa – Sahwat Al Qameh in Daraa countryside’, Major General Alexander Grynkiewicz, Deputy Head of the Russian Reconciliation Center for Syria confirmed in a statement.

The Russian officer added that the explosion caused ‘intangible damage to a Russian Tigger armored vehicle and there were no casualties among the Russian personnel.

No party claimed responsibility for the attack, such attacks are mainly carried out by radical terrorists affiliated with Al Qaeda and its offshoot ISIS operating from their dens in the southeastern regions of Syria taking advantage of the US military protection who operate the infamous Rukban concentration camp from their illegal military base in the Tanf area near the borders with Jordan.

The Russian Reconciliation Center for Syria has mediated a large reconciliation effort in the southern provinces of Syria, in particular in the Daraa province, after the defeat of the major terrorist groups; the Russians mediated their surrender terms where most of the terrorists dropped their heavy weapons, many of them joined the newly established Syrian Arab Army’s 5th Corp, while those who refused to join the reconciliation were moved by busses to Al Qaeda’s last stronghold in Syria in Idlib province, northwest of Syria, under the protection of NATO member state Turkey. However, some of the elements fled into the desert region and operate from areas protected by the US Army. Some members of the terrorist groups who joined the reconciliation and still have connections to their former patrons through their tribal relations.

An increase of terrorist attacks against the Syrian Army officers and government facilities pushed the Syrian armed forces to mobilize troops to the restive areas within the province, and their military operation was halted due to Russian interference asking to give them time to handle the situation. Would this latest attack change the mind of the Russian commanders on the ground and let the Syrian authorities restore peace and security in this region and not be like a similar ceasefire in Idlib to give Erdogan more chances? We sure hope so.

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    I fail to understand why Russia keeps stopping the Syrian army from finishing the job in the north and now it’s obvious in the south as well? What are they promised or preparing?


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