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Two Turkish Soldiers Killed by a Landmine they Were Planting in Hasakah

Turkish army in Syria - Erdogan - Terror

Two Turkish soldiers were killed yesterday Friday, 13 November 2020, by an explosion of one of the landmines they were planting near Tal Tamr in Hasakah countryside, northeast of Syria.

Local sources who reported the incident said the Erdogan soldiers were planting the landmines to protect themselves and the Al Qaeda-affiliated terrorists in an area they occupied north of the city of Tal Tamr to the northwest of the city of Hasakah.

The Turkish army has lost a considerable number of its soldiers and officers in their illegal incursion into Syria and in order to protect terrorists of the anti-Islamic radical Muslim Brotherhood group, they follow the same Muslim Brotherhood ideology of the Turkish madman Erdogan and the current leader of Al Qaeda Ayman Zawahri.

Dozens of the Turkish army soldiers were killed earlier this year by the Syrian Army when the latter targeted a gathering of Al Qaeda affiliated terrorists in the Idlib province. The incident was the largest confrontation between the Syrian Army and NATO’s 2nd largest army, many other Turkish soldiers were sacrificed by Erdogan in his incursion into northern Syria.

Erdogan uses the Turkish army to provide logistical support and protection for Al Qaeda terrorists in Syria after the major defeats of the terrorists by the Syrian armed forces and their allies.

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