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203 Refugees Released from US-controlled Rukban Concentration Camp

Rukban Concentration Camp for Syrian refugees - US Army

203 refugees were released from the infamous Rukban concentration camp run by Trump forces from their illegal military base in Tanf in the deep Syrian eastern desert.

96 children and 59 women were among this latest batch freed in the past 24 hours from the ‘Rukban hell-hole’ and headed to a Syrian government reception center.

Major General Alexander Grynkiewicz, Deputy Head of the Russian Reconciliation Center for Syria, said that 20038 refugees released by the US army running the camp have reached Syrian government-controlled areas since the opening of the Jleb checkpoint. Among the released refugees were 9946 children and 5711 women, the Russian official added.

Trump forces running the Rukban concentration camp with the help of Maghawir Thawra, an ISIS offshoot terrorist group. The US side exploits the suffering of the Syrian refugees in its inhumane pressure it exerts on the Syrian government.

Rukban concentration camp for Syrian refugees - Tanf - US Army
Imagine your city is invaded by thousands of terrorists and your children are held up in such a horrible place by force

The USA and the EU boycotted the latest Conference to help return Syrian refugees to their homes in Syria using them as a political bargaining tool against the Syrian government.

image- Displaced Syrians Refugees in Lebanon - Horrible Conditions
Syrian Refugees in Lebanon – Horrible Conditions

Russia and the United Nations have pleaded numerous times to the US officials to allow the release of thousands of the Syrian civilians held in inhumane circumstances in the camp, the US side insists on demonstrating the true face of their country and continue its crimes against humanity, and even increasing the economic burden on Syria knowing very well it affects only the ordinary people.

The recently resigned Trump envoy to Syria James Jeffery bragged about causing the suffering on the Syrian people through economic pressure multiple times. The ex-US official went further in admitting that he and elements in the Pentagon and the US State Department constantly lied to their ‘leaders’ in Congress and the ‘administration’ about the real number of the US troops in Syria, he also said in an interview with Defense One news outlet that whenever Trump decided to reduce the number of his troops in Syria they would fabricate lies to fool their president to justify keeping the illegal military presence breaching not only the sovereignty of an independent state and a founding member of the United Nations, they also commit war crimes of all sorts.

In normal countries when officials lie to their commanders, they are held accountable and face imprisonment; in the USA and its minion the UK, when an official commits such a crime they get rewarded, see Tony Blaire for example, or George W. Bush and all his regime officials.

The Rukban concentration camp issue needs immediate attention and it will be very helpful if you would share the news with your people in the hopes that humanity miraculously returns to the human-shaped evil-souled western officials.

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