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Daraa: Terror Attacks on the Rise Despite Russian Reconciliation Efforts

Terrorist attacks in Daraa

A wave of terrorist attacks is on the increase in the southern Syria province of Daraa, the province borders the UK-protectorate Jordan which also hosts the infamous MOC black-op room masterminding ISIS and assorted al Qaeda affiliated terrorist groups operations in Syria.

The Jordan-based MOC room is headed by a US official and is said to have liaison officers from Saudi Arabia, Israel, Qatar, UK, France, and others.

Despite all these efforts, the US regime under the disgraced and unindicted (yet) war criminal Donald Trump insists on prolonging the Syrian people suffering in all evil practices under its disposal, has pushed for a hike of terrorist attacks in the province, and elsewhere in Syria, against Syrian Army personnel, and against those who joined the reconciliation.

The latest of these terrorist attacks were near the Airport Park, in the Airport District, in the city of Daraa. An IED planted in a car was detonated injuring one law enforcement officer and a civilian, the wounds of the law enforcement officer are severe, both of them were rushed to the city’s national hospital for treatment.

Car explosion in Daraa
What’s left of the booby-trapped car detonated by US-sponsored al Qaeda terrorists in Daraa

Russian reconciliation efforts in the city of Daraa and its countryside have resulted in shipping thousands of terrorists to the northwestern Syrian province of Idlib, those terrorists were mostly foreigners and some Syrian terrorists who refused to lay down their weapons. The terrorists who did lay down their weapons and joined the reconciliation efforts have either returned to their civilian lives or joined a special regiment under the command of the Syrian Arab Army, and with the presence of Russian officers. The regiment is tasked to fight the terrorists who refused to lay down their weapons and remained in the province in either sleeping cells, or under the US military protection in the Tanf illegal US military base, or are based in Jordan and being smuggled into Syria for carrying out terrorist attacks.

The following are some of the terrorist attacks that took place just in the past week in Daraa Province:

Former Judge Killed in Daraa:
Judge Muhammad Jamal Jullum – Abu Al Baraa was assassinated, last Thursday 10th of September, by US-sponsored terrorists for his role in negotiating the reconciliation with the Russian center and the Syrian government.

Masked armed terrorists shot the former judge in front of his house in the city of Jassim, west of Daraa, in southern Syria, he was rushed to the hospital but announced dead upon arrival.

The slain judge was the head judge in the courthouse of Nuwa city, the largest city in Daraa province.

Earlier in last week, unknown terrorists targeted Muhammad Khaled al Younis and Muhammad Qassim al Younis in the town of Mahajjah, in northern Daraa countryside. Muhammad Khaled al Younis who work in the local law enforcement sustained severe injuries while Muhammad Qassim succumbed to his wounds.

Last Thursday, 10 September 2020, US-sponsored terrorists assassinated Syrian Arab Army Brigadier Talal Qassim of the 5th Regiment on the road between Nahtah and Busr Harir east of Daraa. Two soldiers were also killed near the town of Nahaj, in the western countryside of Daraa province.

The Syrian Arab Army is again sending reinforcement to secure the areas liberated from the US-sponsored terror and to empower the Russian reconciliation efforts.

If the Trump regime spends half of the effort it’s spending to destroy Syria and other sovereign countries around the world, sowing chaos and destabilizing communities, if it would spend that on enhancing the livelihood of the US citizens, those who put it in power, the US will be at least a decade ahead of the second most advanced country in the world in all fields, it seems their priorities are elsewhere.

Other Trump’s terrorizing acts against the Syrian people:

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    I never liked the reconciliation process. Why not simply apply the law? Whoever committed a crime must be punished for it, as simple as that. Pardoning comes later not as a precondition, reconciliations encourage the rest of the terrorists to continue their crimes and then wait for the reconciliation’s amnesty… Nobody is brainwashed or fooled anymore, at least not after the killing of 110 policemen in Homs in April 2011.


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