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Trump SDF Cannon Fodder ‘Ambushed’ in Three Deir Ezzor Incidents

Kurdish SDF militia shoot at Syrians protesting US occupation injures a number of them

The Trump regime SDF cannon fodder have been ambushed in three incidents in Deir Ezzor countryside on Saturday. Few details are available beyond the names of the towns, several casualties, fatalities, and damages to cars and a headquarters paid for with US tax dollars. As the besieged American taxpayer has picked up the tab for arming, housing, and training these terrorists, it is likely they will also pay for funerals, medical care, vehicle replacements, and the rehabbing of the headquarters.

Unidentified persons armed with machine guns opened fired on a targeted car in Zubian village of al Mayadeen around the time that another carload of treasonous, traitorous, murderous separatists was targeted near al Baseera, also in Deir Ezzor countryside. Additionally, the Ghariba al Sharqiyeh headquarters of these leeches suckling at the teat of the American public, was targeted by undisclosed means.

The Saturday targets appear to have been in response to these SDF terrorists having kidnapped an undisclosed number of Syrian men, taking them to an “unknown destination in Raqqa countryside.”

SDF kidnappings of Syrian civilians has been an ongoing war criminal aggression since the Trump regime outdid Obama’s war crimes against the Syrian Arab Republic by not only intentionally bombing the Levantine republic for al Qaeda/ISIS savages (Obama pretended his murders of Syrian troops was a simple accident) but also by constructing American military bases in this country which is not part of the USA.

As NATO stenographers are feigning disdain for the Trump regime, they have temporarily halted their pimping of these cheaply bought clumps of cannon fodder; as the collective western mind is losing the function of memory, we remind them that:

The US demanded the separatist armed Kurds change their name.

Syria News reminds our readers that these regions of Syria in which the terrorist, traitorous, criminal, Trump-run cannon fodder SDF have been targeted are areas in which illegal Trump forces engage in occupation.

Therefore, those engaged in the terminal and non-terminal targeting of SDF operatives will remain unidentified.

Miri Wood

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    One day they’ll regret their treason, they’re doing what every other traitor who worked for the USA in the world did and they’ll end like every other traitor who worked for the USA in the world ended like.

  2. Igor Bundy

    They been doing this for over 300 years first exterminating the native population, importing millions of slaves to do the hard work and now rampaging and pillaging the entire world.. one day cant be soon enough.


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