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Trump, Erdogan & the Kurds: Master, Servant, & the Cannon Fodder

Trump regime mass killers blew up vehicle in Qahtaniyah Syria. Murder victims & injured tolls not yet released.

The Trump regime has announced the movement of American illegals away from the Syria-Turkish border, criminally giving the rabid Erdogan thugs incursion room. Mindful of the deranged, mass hysteria which ensued following his strange December tweet, it is likely the announcement is a tactical maneuver to divert the partisan egomaniacs away from the Ukraine/impeachment madness. 

Trump wh- Kurds sdf-turkey Erdogan
psyops - erdogan
‘Erdogan thinks he’s a Caliph’~ Syrian President Dr. Bashar al-Assad
Erdogan: Syrian factories and economy thief

[Update: Unindicted war criminal Trump has threatened terrorist Turkey — via ‘diplomacy by Twitter’ — if Erdogan harms the US-created SDF thugs. See screenshot, below.]

The pro-Trump conservatives will spin the latest in the US president’s war crimes into Turkey assuming more of the new Sykes-Picot balkanization, will spin it as Trump keeping his 2016 promises, and the anti-Trump left will continue support of the armed thugs of the separatist, murderous, SDF created by the Obama regime.

In the conspiracy to create the final solution against Syria, the USA remains top dog. Turkey is merely an underling, an American House Servant. The separatist, traitorous Kurds — not the Obama SDF international wetworkers — are the cannon fodder of American imperialism.

tweet by Arabi Souri

As expected, the Kurdish peon media, the objective NATO warmongering media and the Mockingbird liberal media are currently howling about the fake betrayal by the Trump regime (the usual suspects were either silent or supportive when the American president breached international law when he moved the embassy to Jerusalem, when he gave stolen Syrian land to Israel, and when the mad hatters gathered on a tiny portion of Syria’s Golan, to name it ‘Trump Heights.’).

For the western colonial serfs who support armed terrorists who torch wheat fields, for the Christian western colonial serfs who support terrorists who try to blow up churches, for the generic western hypocrites who cheer the destruction of non-western countries, we offer some demonic salve: The criminal Trump regime is only pulling out a tiny bit.

Trump continues to provide the US’s SDF cannon fodder with convoys of military trucks and various weapons, ongoing gifting from the American taxpayer since early August.

Trump forces sending convoys of gears to SDF - Qamishli
Trump illegals deliver military supplies & trucks to its terrorist SDF militia in Qamishli, 6 August.

The 30 Syrians kidnapped on 9/11 by the SDF thugs, was increased tenfold on 29 September, when the armed terrorists engaged in dozens of home invasions — and appropriations — abducting 300 civilians, some children to be forced into military training, some herded into the US/ISIS al Hol camp, in forced displacements that NATO MSM do not mention.

On 28 September, the SDF thugs abducted children from al Jazira, forced the displacement of 23 Syrian civilians from Qamishli City and 15 families from Hasaka into the Arisha Camp because they did not have documentation of “sponsors” approved by the criminal Kurd separatists.

Additionally, Trump’s now whining useful idiots went into schools in northern Raqqa villages and threatened teachers that they had three days to leave their schools and join “mandatory recruitment” or be kidnapped and falsely imprisoned.

On 3 October, Trump’s SDFISIS lite” thugs bulldozed Syrian farmlands in Deir Ezzor, Hasaka, and Manbij, and only shot one civilian to death (the good news of the day was that one of the gang’s criminal council buildings was completely destroyed when planted explosives were detonated).

Though the best-case scenario for Syria would be Trump’s servant, Turkey, and Trump’s cannon fodder, SDF, to completely and utterly wipe each other out.

As it is unlikely that the SDF thugs would ever have the guts to engage in combat without the backing of American illegals in Syria, we again remind our readers of President Bashar al Assad’s promise:

syria every inch Assad
Syria President Dr. Bashar al-Assad: “Every inch of Syria will be liberated”

The SDF is a creation of the United States. How, then, can it possibly be betrayed by Trump or any other US president?

Update in our Orwellian brave new world:

Geopolitical psychosis.

Miri Wood

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  1. Miri

    Perhaps not psychotic after all, as his threat against Turkey may have the effect of neutralizing the neoliberals. #PeakColonialism


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