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Colonial Grief, Mass Shootings & Syria: Only Western Lives Matter

Brother Suicide Bomber Abu Ivanka the American before heading to the Emirates of Syria

Following back-to-back mass shootings in the US, Americans and NATO allies have taken to shamelessly abusing the dead as mere props, while fighting over gun laws and ‘white supremacy’ as the causative factor in the impunity of mass shootings. All are oblivious to correlation between increase in mass murders and America leading the world in war crimes, obliterating entire countries such as Libya and attempting the final solution against Syria.

While all human beings deserve the inherent right to move about their daily lives without concern they might be murdered by madmen, the western colonial mind — from leaders who commit atrocities against non-western peoples, to the lowly serfs complicit via support and cheering for the murderers of other peoples, killers armed and funded by American taxpayers.

Before giving a short memory refresher to the willful amnesiacs, let us take a look at the ongoing murders of Syrians, ignored by western colonialists and their fake partisan NATO media.

On 2 August Turkey’s terrorists celebrated the beginning of the Astana meetings by bombing Lattakia countryside with rockets. One person was killed and 3 were injured. H.E. Bashar al Jaafari leads the Syrian state delegation in these meetings with US-sponsored al Qaeda gangs and explained the situation in a recent interview.

Two days ago, Syrian security confiscated armored tanks, missiles, mortars, and drugs. Many of the weapons are from the USA, but no media reported it, and no grieving western colonialists concerned themselves with potential mass murders of Syrians from these American weapons.

Syrian Security Confiscates Weapons, Munition, Gears, Captagon Pills and Drugs 04 August 2019
A ‘peaceful’ tank left by Nusra Front terrorists – Gift from US Tax Payers to Al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria

Yesterday, mass killers with rocket launchers in Ma’arat al Numan and Khan Sheikhoun bombed the villages of al Khifyia (Idlib) and Braidij (Hama). Syrians were lucky, as none died. Only homes were destroyed.

6 August has been a busy day for terrorists in Syria, while western colonialists continue to argue over their guns and their racism: Two Syrians were murdered when mass shooters again breached the de-escalation zone, firing rockets into the villages of Jourin, al Jeed, and Salimou in Hama countryside. The Syrian Arab Army located tunnels and fortifications of terrorist mass shooters in Hama countryside. Give it some time, and NATO media and colonial serfs will claim the tunnels among the thousands of [fake] hospitals in Idlib, being destroyed every minute by “the regime.”


Give it some time, and surely another American NGO thirsting for Syrian blood will pimp more lies and raise more money.

Last month, an American illegal, a western colonialist in Syria ‘reported’ on the terrorist ‘trench campaign’ in Idlib, run by the Saudi terrorist who is actually on the SDN terror list.

Saudi terrorist Muhaysini with Bilal Abdul Kareem for western mainstream media MSM
American & Saudi illegal filth in Idlib.

Also, today, while egocentric, colonial American serfs continue to fight about the cause of the existence of mass shooters, they are hermetically sealed off from new Trump-led breaches of international law.


Today, the US invaders and occupiers brought tens of trucks and military vehicles into Qamishli, which is in Syria. Should the insulated American colonialists eventually be made aware of this malignant aggression, they will likely cheer it; these Americans are bipartisanly complicit in their support of all war crimes. They all support the mass shooters, the wetworker separatists run by the US, and euphemistically called the ‘SDF.’ There were no complaints when the American armed mass shooters slaughtered 13 Syrians in Qamishli, in September.

syria - qamishli
Imagine American soldiers slaughtered in the US, their bodies dumped & the world writing about “moderate American opposition.”

There was also silence when this gang of thugs torched Syrian wheat fields and tried to blow up the Church of the Virgin Mary, recently.

Watching the partisan infighting over the El Paso and Daytona mass killings and guns and white supremacy racism, it is not astonishing to note that all journalists of every coloration now screaming that white supremacist racism is the raison d’être in US mass shootings all cheered Trump and Ivanka when he bombed Syria for al Qaeda.

Ivanka’s shameless tweet. More disgraceful is the 42k ‘likes’ and almost 8k shares.

None of these rancid colonialists noticed the hypocrisy of Trump had following fake news CNN” as his cover story for the bombing. Not one concerned himself with CNN’s witness in Khan Sheikhoun being a Brit illegal there, and an illegal whose medical license had been permanently revoked in his home UK, because of his links to terrorism. In fact, back in December, when Trump tweeted about a tentative withdrawal of illicit US troops in Syria, many of the yellow journalists currently screaming about Trump’s racism were screaming in support of continuing colonialist mass shootings of Syrians.

How abhorrent of Americans to pretend there is partisanship to mass shootings in the US, when war crimes are consistently bipartisan, when American human garbage in Syria who have illegally entered the country, who have taken up arms against the country, are bipartisanly revered?

Republican Trump has accelerated the rate of war crimes under Democrat Obama.

How very white of US colonialists to support al Qaeda in Syria, and then be shocked and dismayed when American colonial impunity comes home to roost, via heinous mass shootings.

How imperial is American arrogance to fight over racism, while fervently supporting racism’s parents, murderous colonialism?

Miri Wood

Related reminders:

Clinton bragged about advising Obama to obliterate Libya.

Both Obama and Trump deployed criminal McCain to illegally enter Syria (and meet with ‘mass shooters.’)

There was bipartisan silence when Trump tweeted his illicit plans for Syria’s Golan, and no complaints when unindicted criminals met on Syria’s Golan to malignantly dedicate stolen land as ‘Trump Heights.’

Imperial NATO journalists were also silent when an American judge declared that the Syria government was guilty in the death of an American illegal who embedded herself with mass killers.

Arrogant, colonial Americans cheer the stethoscope-less CIA-funded White Helmet death squads, shamelessly align themselves with kidnappers, rapists, and murderers of Syrian women.

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