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Turkey Terrorists Cheer Astana Ceasefire by Bombing Syrians

human garbage - terrorists

Idlib terrorists loyal to Turkey regime forces occupying parts of Syria cheered the latest, [unilateral] ceasefire during the intra-Astana meetings. The savages bombed Bashlama town in Lattakia governate with 5 rockets. One Syrian civilian was killed and 3 were injured. Massacres of Syrians during Astana meetings have been ongoing since their inception.

Today’s atrocities closely follow on the heels of the recent UN anti-Syria diatribe in support of al-Qaeda in Idlib, in support of hospitals that do not exist, a diatribe that breaches the UN’s own charter, and the International Law upon which it claims to be based.

Official Syrian news diplomatically reported that the fatal terrorist rocket-bombs were launched from “near” the Turkish Observatory #10; this author suggests that the deadly rockets were fired with the approval of Turkey. Erdogan’s Turkey has guaranteed not a single ceasefire, as his plan is to recreate the Ottoman Empire, appointing himself as chief caliph.

Erdogan thief أردوغان اللص
Erdogan: Syrian factories and economy thief.

We remind our readers that most of the 350,000 takfiri hordes to invade Syria have entered through the Turkish border, and not one criminal has stepped on any of the almost 200,000 land mines not yet cleared, despite Turkey having joined the Mine Ban Treaty back in 2003.

Turkey / Turkish President Recep Tayib Erdogan New Ottoman رجب طيب اردوغان العثمانيون الجدد

It is doubtful this news will be given a burp by NATO-controlled western media. All onboard with support for the various factions of al-Qaeda occupying Idlib, consider that no “deep state” source has ever noted that the existence of Turkish troops anywhere in the SAR is a breach of international law. Note that the war pimps masquerading as journalists reported extensively when a criminal of the Turkish forces was killed on one of the illicit observatories, the one illegally built in Idlib.

Consider, also, that none of the Trump-haters uttered a word of complaint, back in January 2017, after the brand-new POTUS cheered imperial support for the Turkish police graduation ceremony in occupied Jarabulus, Syria. Also, marvel at how AFP journalists consistently move freely and safely among armed terrorists and illegal Turkish ‘observation’ decks.

Ask yourselves how a Saudi terrorist on the US Treasury SDN list groomed children soldiers, before relocating to Idlib, where he again grooms boy soldiers, and further ask why MSM never write about these war crimes.

al-Muhaysini is on the US Specially Designated Nationals list. Here he is with child soldiers he has trained as terrorists.

Hours after the deadly rocket attacks, NATO media remain silent…though the ”neutral” WaPo wants one person removed from her ability to even run for the Presidency, simply because she said that the US supports al-Qaeda in Syria.

Warmongering ‘neutral’ media hate Trump unless he’s bombing for al Qaeda… – link

Miri Wood

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  1. Stefan Heuer

    How comes Russia is in Syria since 3 years now, and still there are Jihadists able to kill innocent people, stage false flag “CW” operations to blame it on Assad? Just a question on russian reliabilty and military expertise… Oh, wait, wasn’t it Russia who urged every “deescalation zone” on Syria, used by the #terrorists as save haven for reorganisation, rearmament (by USA, Germany, UK, France, Israel, Turkey) and brutal attacks on civilians and SAA-positions? Wasn’t it Russia who urged Assad to give in his CWs for NOTHING in retun but constant terror by Israel, Turkey and the US-coalition of combined mass murder? Wasn’t it Russia who willingly posponed the delivery of the S-300 (ordered and paid by Syria in 2010) until 2018 – and yet we can have serious doubt wether they are operational, as Russia is said to have given in about them to Israel??? Is it not Russia who allows Israel to bomb Syria everytime Putin meets with his close friend Netanyahi? And is it not Russia who is writing a new constitution for Syria (who, infact, has one of the most decent and modern constitutions of the world) in an act of blatant colonialism?


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