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UN in Hospitals Bombing Psywar to Save NATO’s Last Stronghold in Idlib

No Terrorists in Idlib Only Hospitals - Syria - News - White Helmets - Nusra Front - ISIS - Al Qaeda - لا يوجد شيء في ادلب إلا المستشفيات

The mobster bullies in meticulous suits running the UN have launched another hospitals bombing psywar campaign to support NATO’s last terrorists in Idlib. It should be scandalous, international news, that key members of the United Nations continue to ignore the Geneva Agreements on hospitals, continue to ignore the UN’s own charter, continue to bray and bleat for terrorists occupying Idlib, while the UN and NATO countries maintain the savages on their terror lists.

But, no! These minions of Beelzebub are secure in knowing that approved media sources are part of that Military Industrial Complex, that they are free to pimp war, pimp corruption, engage in all forms of criminal lies with the impunity of those whose might makes right.

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Again, the Geneva Conventions are clear that the host country of a war zone must agree to neutral zones for hospital facilities. Without such agreements, no hospitals can exist.

UN ‘diplomats’ & NATO journalists should read the Geneva Treaties.

Last month, Syrian ambassador Dr. Bashar al Jaafari addressed the UNSC, on Idlib and NATO’s war of terror against the Syrian people.

…if the White Helmets have opened a room in a cellar in a building, where it launches missiles and shells from, this is another thing; this is not a hospital. This is not a hospital; this is called a makeshift medical facility. This is a hallucination and a cinema on the ground when they call it a hospital. It is not a hospital. It is a room they open in a cellar in one of the buildings used for bombing civilians and the Syrian Arab Army from.

H.E. al Jaafari quoting Egyptian Nobel Laureate Najib Mahfouz to the rabid & deaf UN hyenas [Archive].

Also, last month, H.E. Jaafari informed the Security Council that there are 8 hospitals in Idlib: 4 public and 4 private. At another of the never-ending meetings on the “Humanitarian Situation” in his country, Dr. Jaafari explained that the US-based SAMS gang is embedded with terrorists, has no authority to be in Syria, and therefore runs no hospitals in the SAR (unrestrained by diplomatic protocol, this author previously provided evidence that SAMS was either lying or engaged in human vivisection; evidence of its terrorist affiliation left behind in liberated Ghouta; evidence of collaboration in terrorist massacre in Douma).

bombed-hospitals fake
A ‘Helmet’ took this photo, claiming it to be a newly bombed ‘hospital’ with the entire staff being dug out from under the rubble. How far does suspension of disbelief go?

If a Saudi-run gang of armed, Captagon-fueled human pathogens hangs a nice sign outside of a moped garage, saying “surgical hospital created & founded by Jaysh al Ezza,” no matter how many US university NGOs claim it is a hospital, it is still not a hospital.

Does anyone remember the UN uttering a single word of condemnation when the FSA — armed and funded by the P3 countries — was engaged in the wave of assassinations against Syrian physicians and professors of medical schools? Lamentations over the destruction of real hospitals such as al Watani, al Kindi, and Jisr al Shoghour?

Here are some recent breaches of international law and atrocities against Syria, that the rabid hyenas of the UN have neglected include in their humanitarian concerns:

Yesterday, the UN leadership again demonstrated it is not neutral, nor does it engage in promoting “peace and security,” despite its marketing claims. Shamelessly ignoring the above-noted horrors against the Syrian people, on 30 July, during its ‘humanitarian’ conjugal meeting, the gang again provided evidence of being press liaison for al Qaeda in the Syrian Arab Republic.

idlib hospitals
Is UN News headline a breach of Nuremberg Principle VI? Engaging in criminal propaganda is a “crime against peace.” Engaging in propaganda against a member state is a breach of its own charter.

Mark Lowcock — “UN relief chief” — again bragged about hearing voices when he addressed the SC over concerns for hospitals that don’t exist, imaginary physicians, and al Qaeda terrorists occupying Idlib.

lowcock-tweet united nations relief syria idlib idleb hospitals

In December, the non-Syrian who claims to speak for Syria, turned away when the Syrian ambassador who provided documentation that Lowcock had falsified the statistics he gave when haughtily speaking for ”Syrians.”

UN Lowcock Humanitarian Syria
Jaafari holds documents from sarc. 182 intra-syrian convoys deployed this year

Almost immediately after the supporters of al Qaeda in Syria finished their UN fabrication statements, Reuters ran with an impressive headline, that “two-thirds” of the Security Council wants an “inquiry” into “attacks” on hospitals that do not exist, according to international law, and the UN’s own charter (though “two-thirds” sounds like a lot, Reuters is actually speaking of the P3 bullies running the UN: UK, US, and France.


Reuters also threw in a weird claim which completely contradicts Ambassador Jaafari’s statement on hospitals and the humanitarian situation in his country, on 16 June. His full statement in Arabic and English is found here. The bizarre claim, however, afforded the opportunity to quote the English ambassador to the United Nations, Karen “New Sykes-Picot or Bust” Pierce, in spewing more lies about the Syrian Arab Republic.

femicide Pierce played the role of arrogant liar about CWs, Syria, & Russia. [28 August].
Pierce played the role of an arrogant liar about CWs, Syria, & Russia. [28 August].

The new onslaught of criminal propaganda against Syria comes as the Syrian Arab Army continues to liberate “every inch” of the country from NATO and Gulfies owned terrorists. The re-opening of this dam of western sewage might be timed to break the US domestic fighting over the pros and cons of rat infestations in American cities — because everyone in the USA loves Donald J. Trump when he bombs Syrians for al Qaeda.

Miri Wood

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