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SAA Terminates 17 More Nusra Front Terrorists Northwest Hama

Syrian Arab Army SAA - الجيش العربي السوري

Syrian Arab Army ‘SAA’ units after cleaning the towns of Tal Meleh and Jibbeen in northwestern Hama countryside and eliminating dozens of NATO-sponsored Nusra Front terrorists, continue chasing the remnants of the terrorists and terminating more of them.

SAA established their checkpoints in the recently cleaned towns continued advancing towards Abu Raida Farms on the Zakat and Wadi Hussein road, east of Tal Meleh. The SAA fought fierce battles with the heavily armed terrorists fighting from their fortified posts and managed to eliminate 17 more terrorists and destroyed their weapons and gears.

The Syrian Arab Army has increased its targeting of NATO-terrorists in their barricades in the vicinity of Hassraya and Araba’in, in order to cut off their supply routes and scatter them in isolated groups.

Terrorists in Latamneh and Kafr Zita towns and in Latmeen village in northwest Hama countryside were also targeted by the Syrian military’s artillery and grad rocket launchers which destroyed their dens and fortified barricades and inflicted losses among members of the terrorists.

Despite the heavy and direct involvement of NATO member state Turkey and all the support Nusra Front and its affiliates receive from the evil camp of North Atlantic ‘Terrorist’ Organization, the Syrian Arab Army delivered heavy blow to the terrorists after the patience of the Syrian state grew very thin with the failure of the regime of Erdogan to separate the radical terrorists from the moderate terrorists in the province Idlib as per its obligation in the Astana Agreement of de-escalation military zones.

The regime of Erdogan took advantage of its close and growing relations with Russia and Iran and instead of separating and unarming the radical terrorists, it increased the support to them and pushed them to launch their daily attacks on the cleaned cities, towns, and villages in the province of Hama.

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