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Remains of 57 Syrian Soldiers Discovered in a Mass Grave in Al Raqqa

Mass grave of SAA Division 17 and the Brigade 93 soldiers discovered in Raqqa

Syrian authorities have uncovered another horror of mass graves in al Raqqa. This time the graves were of fifty-seven martyred soldiers, members of the conscripted Syrian Arab Army. They were murdered for defending their homeland from foreign human garbage, armed with NATO weapons, and funded by sources in NATO countries.

Six years ago, in 2014, the Division 17 and the Brigade 93 of the Syrian Arab Army fell to the US-sponsored al-Qaeda and ISIS terrorists, the SAA units were protecting al Raqqa province and ran out of supplies after long and heaving fighting.

Most of the martyrs were executed after they ran out of ammunition and surrendered to enemies, this is a war crime by all standards, however, with the world’s superpower imposing sanctions on the world’s public prosecutor to cover its war crimes in Afghanistan, justice will have to depend on Karma.

One of the mass graves in Syria, this one had the bodies of 57 SAA soldiers killed by ISIS in 2014 in Raqqa

The number of mass graves of Syrians in Syria is never reported in NATO stenography media sources. Mass slaughter is not condemned by the filthiest of filth — not the Captagon fueled, criminally insane human garbage dumped into the SAR — the filth in expensive suits, the mob of NATO unindicted war criminals running the UN, those meticulously coiffed rabid hyenas who bark and froth about the ”fake disappeared” and who avert their gaze from reality. There has never been an emergency UN meeting over the unearthed graves of tortured civilians throughout the country, nor of the intense diligence of forensics specialists in trying to identify many.

There was not a single crocodile tear to be shared among the warmonger criminals or their obedient media dogs when mass graves were unearthed in the newly liberated Ltamenah, last year, either.

NATO stenographers on both sides of the Atlantic — and not just the northern Atlantic — were all quick to cheer the turning of al Raqqa, a city of 800,000 prior to the foreign war of terror against Syria into rubble, though.

As the Obama-led war criminal coalition was turning al Raqqa into mostly rubble — to later be cheered by CNN (“terrorists most trusted name in news”) — the war criminal stenographers were hard at work writing sob story fake obituaries about western mercenaries fighting the ISIS created by the US as was its parent, al Qaeda, according to Sen. Hillary Clinton during her SoS confirmation hearing. Criminal reporters also cheered the American juvenile delinquent alcoholic masturbator transformed into an ISIS slayer in al Raqqa, another illegal who’s supposed to have a movie made about him taking time from touching himself to killing Syrians in Syria.

Don’t forget that when Syria joined the OPCW in September 2013, the country thwarted the NATO plot to turn it into another Libya because the humanitarian bastards planned to bomb based on chemical weapons used by moderate FSA terrorists and blamed on the government in al Ghouta.

Then it took another full year before NATO special operatives killed off other NATO special operatives as the criminal cover story for Obama’s fascist coalition to start bombing. Don’t forget that Trump continued Obama’s criminal bombings and that his first war crime against Syria was to bomb two bridges in al Raqqa, just thirteen days after being sworn in.

The illegal presence of Trump forces, Erdogan troops in uniform and their al Qaeda assorted terrorist groups, hinder the Syrian government’s efforts in locating and exhuming the bodies of the fallen heroes for identification and proper burial. Locals are helping with the sites but logistics are the main difficulties with the criminals’ continuous presence.

27 mass graves discovered in al Raqqa province since November 2017 with about 6,000 bodies buried in it.

Now, 57 families will relive the grief as they collect the remains of their loved ones and bury them again in their hometowns. They will also ask what their sons, husbands, and fathers in the Syrian Arab Army did to the USA to deserve that the US taxpayers and voters prioritize killing these men in their country half the globe away over the well being of US citizens in the USA?

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    There are so many still missed, the relatives don’t know their fate whether still alive and where and if ever they’ll know…


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