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Smugglers of Syrian Antiquities Arrested in Daraa


Authorities arrested several criminals in possession of Syrian antiquities in Daraa, 7 March. The smugglers were in possession of pieces which included “the Holy Bible, antique vessels, stone figures, various glass and stone pieces, an ornately embossed ring, a lion’s sculpture without a head, a church altar stone, a jar used to collect money and coins dating back to ancient eras,” according to SANA.

The Hague 1954 Convention provides for the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict. This international agreement bars the stealing of ancient artifacts from their native countries…on paper, that is.

In reality, the west indulges in cultural genocide, and looks the other way when a non-western ally commits such war crimes*. Israel admitted being part of the looting of Eliyahu Hanav synagogue, reporting that it “preserved” stolen Syrian antiquities.

Though SANA did not give details on the criminals arrested, it did note that the Daraa Antiquities Department and Local Police have thwarted “many attempts in several areas of Daraa countryside to smuggle archaeological pieces dating back to different eras.”

Should Daraa sound familiar to US readers, it is likely because one of Congress’ biggest Syria-haters, Adam Kinzinger was obsessed with hash-tagging to save the terrorists, there, in 2017. That the demons he supported videoed themselves mutilating corpses of slaughtered Syrian soldiers was of no consequence, to him, as the video magically disappeared — though not before several screenshots were grabbed.

Damascus has seen all that has ever occurred on earth – including the world’s most heinous, degenerate, conspiracy in history – and still she lives.

Syrian antiquities dating back almost 2,000 years, can be seen in the Shahba Museum, al Sweida governate.

Miri Wood

[*] Thutmose’s sculpted bust of Egyptian Queen Nefertiti was stolen by French-British-Ottoman-German thieves and is now considered the “cultural symbol of Berlin.”

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