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Swamp Drunk Trump: Hitman for Al Qaeda Wanted to Kill President Assad

Trump and Pompeo and the Jealous Pence - the US Regime of Outspoken War Criminals

On Tuesday morning, sounding lit from huffing fumes from that swamp he promised to drain, President Donald J. Trump bragged to Fox & Friends he almost assassinated Syrian President, Dr. Bashar al Assad for al Qaeda, but was dissuaded by his then Secretary of Defense, James “Mad Dog” Mattis.

Trump wanted to kill President Assad but the Mad Dog Mattis talked him out.

In a telephone interview with multi-million dollar TV personality Brian Kilmeade and utilizing Orwellian Newspeak, Trump bragged “I would have rather taken him out, I had him all set, Mattis didn’t want to do it.”

Nuremberg VI on crimes against peace.

Secure in his knowledge that western journalists are never indicted for criminal propaganda, the fake conservative Kilmeade attempted to goad unindicted war criminal POTUS 45 into public regret for not assassinating a head of state, Trump instead blathered on about being proud of his cowardly assassination Major General Qasem Soleimani at the Baghdad Airport, and bragged about his self-proclaimed fatal bombing of American-funded ISIS terrorist al Baghdadi somewhere, out there, in Idlib, under the protection of NATO member state Turkey.

Kilmeade had criminally lied that Syria’s president had “gassed children” “for the second time.” It is likely that his millions have caused the Fox ‘personality’ blindness to the truth, that al Qaeda murdered kidnapped children in al Ghouta in August 2013, that al Qaeda poisoned kidnapped children for the cameras, in Khan Sheikhoun, 4 April 2017.

Neither swamp drunk Trump nor the fake conservative TV personality mentioned that Trump did bomb the Syrian Arab Republic for al Qaeda (something that not even Obama did, overtly).

Neither acknowledged that Trump’s war criminal bombing of Syria was based on the exclusive interview of the Brit illegal in Idlib, by fake news! CNN. #NotADoctor Shajul Islam — al Qaeda criminal in Khan Sheikhoun — was licensed to practice medicine in his home country for a whopping three months, before his medical license was permanently revoked. This degenerate was also under indictment in England on terrorism charges.

Somehow, nobody noticed that Trump’s war crimes against Syria were based on the lies of a British terrorist and illegal in the S.A.R.; nobody has noticed that Fox News, CNN, and the Republican president are all on the same war criminal page.

Donald J. Trump, the most recent in a perpetually long list of degenerate, unindicted war criminal presidents, faces a tough challenge from the demented and also unindicted war criminal former senator and vice-president, Joe Biden, in November, amidst the background of “creative chaos” roosting domestically.

The swamp creature Trump may pull another criminal bombing as his October Surprise.

Miri Wood

Trump also tried to kill President Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela, more than once:

With the help of Israel – ‘The Peace Dove’:

With someone like Trump around who needs al Qaeda?

image-A 70 Years Old President of the USA Donald J. Trump
A 70 Years Old President of the USA Donald J. Trump

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    The problem is the US people do not understand a thing in foreign policy, and many don’t understand much in domestic policy, otherwise they would have not chose such lunatics to rule them over the past decades, that is if they do have any free will in that.

  2. Silent Majority (@NickCanale2)

    In war, truth is the first casualty and sanity the second. To maintain support for the suicidal war policy, it is necessary to stupefy the populace.

    The first task of the propagandist for the Empire is censorship: Cut people off from access to first-hand information. Then, when people are completely in the dark and hungry for news, they will believe anything and eagerly swallow whatever they are fed.

    What they are fed is a comic-book conception of the world, a conception wholly divorced from substance and reality. The world is reduced to a contest between Absolute Good and Absolute Evil — i.e., Us and Them. The West, like Batman, is Saving the World. The East, where all of the Bad Guys live, is manufactured by projecting the dark side of the West. We’re told, for example, that the Bad Guys want to take over the world — when, in fact, it is the West that has implanted 800 military bases in 100+ countries.

    The comic book takes the place of religion. It acquires a primal grip on the human mind. And because it is divorced from reality, it is self-reinforcing


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