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Venezuela Foils Terrorist Incursion by Colombia; DEA Operative among Arrested

On Sunday morning 3 May Venezuela foiled a terrorist/mercenary invasion by sea, launched by US satrap, Colombia. The attempt to invade by sea was thwarted by Venezuelan Armed Forces and police at La Guaira, near Caracas. Six mercenaries were killed, and among the arrested is a DEA agent.

Among the weapons seized were ten rifles, two machine guns, six trucks, and a boat. The foiled plan was for the criminals to disperse and create separate terrorist attacks.

Colombian terrorists & mercenaries & a DEA agent attempted to breach Venezuela’s sovereignty by sea.

Diosdado Cabello, the President of the Constituent Assembly, condemned the attempted breach of Venezuelan sovereignty, noted that the investigation is ongoing, and told the media: We must summarize that terrorists captured are not the only ones who came in the operation. It is under investigation.  We don’t know if there are people who died at sea, or ran away.”

One of the terrorists killed is “alias Pantera,” a mercenary who led one of the many paramilitary training gangs in Colombia. Cabello reported that the attempted coup was a collaboration of the US, its DEA, and the government of Ivan Duque, president of the US satrap, Colombia.

By sheer coincidence, headline stories over the prior two days involved a slice of life report on a ex Green Beret who was unsuccessful in his coup attempt against Venezuelan President, Nicolas Maduro.

In January, the US and Colombia botched the US plot to have alleged al Qaeda terrorists enter Texas with passports counterfeited in Colombia, to blame Venezuela and Syria.

Cabello told his compatriots and the world that Venezuela will “use force where it is necessary to preserve internal order. Those who attack our country will assume the consequences. This will be our answer: Bolivarian fury.”

That the US is in a state of economic ruin, because of incompetent preparation against the COVID-19 pandemic, Trump more than ever needs to steal Venezuela’s crude oil (see Why Venezuela, here.).

There is, after all, the need to reopen the refinery on the US Virgin Island of St. Croix.

Miri Wood

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