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Intercontinental Wars – Part 2: The Counterattack

The Intercontinental Wars - The Counterattack

The USA needs to spread its hegemony across the world to keep inflating its ‘American Dream’, the economy that is backed mostly by paper, futures, promises, poisoned produce, and outsourced businesses.

‘Lobbycracy’ regime represents the corporations benefiting from it while selling illusions to its people. It managed by ways of deceit and spreading its corruption across the planet to destroy other economies, sanctions, economic terrorism, and real radical terrorists, but it failed to learn the lesson itself and now facing reality. The days of the Unipolar regime where it was spreading its muscles across the planet with unchallenged military force are way behind us and a New World Order is being formed, a Multi-Polar World Order, not what the neocons wanted.

The following documentary by the Lebanese-based Al-Mayadeen News channel covers the Energy War, part of the full confrontation between the dying empire and the emerging powers, between the USA and its slave countries on one side, and the rest of the world spearheaded by China, Russia, Iran, and a host of countries.

Part 1 of 2 – Episode 2 The Counterattack

Part 2 of Episode 2:

Part 2 of 2 – Episode 2 The Counterattack

Keep an eye on Syria, the world’s future is being drawn on its land and the price is paid by its people alone on behalf of humanity, the sacrifices are great but will change the shape of the world for at least 3 coming decades.

Countries joining the war on the side of Syria are defending themselves at first and foremost, had the Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad chose to accept the massive offers and flip the alliance, the US will be at the doors of Moscow, Beijing, Tehran, and the rest. Every free human in the world owes their freedoms for the sacrifices of the Syrian people and the steadfastness of its army and its army’s command in chief Dr. Bashar Al-Assad.

Part 3 of the documentary The Intercontinental Wars – Part 3 The Open Confrontation can be found here:

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All you need to do is be awake, don’t let them fool, they’ve done that more than enough for very long. Be smart, don’t be Sheeple, they feed on Sheeple.

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1 Comment

  1. Vitaliy Yakubovskiy

    Time is running out for Iran.

    “OUSD(A&S) in conjunction with COCOMs ramping up dramatic transformation of the DOD acquisition system and programs to scale up and enable new product and process development.”
    Translation to plain English: USA DOD acquisition offices currently negotiating dramatic ramping up of low-yield micro-nuclear warheads for the current and developing delivery systems.
    Top secret plan to hit Iran militarily has been prepared quite time ago. This plan represents a milestone in USA strategic military advance. This new approach is based on old Hitler’s military doctrine – very fast and overwhelming non-reversible destruction of military, manufacturing and human resources of the enemy. Hitler’s most successful military operations took few days to overrun the enemy by use of contemporary machinery.
    US new military doctrine gives its military only one hour or less to bring any country of any size in the world to surrender and full submission. The first operation of this kind is going to be tested upon Iran in first half of next 2021 year. This operation against Iran may require from 2000 and up to 5000 LYNOs (low yield nuclear ordnance) accordingly to the operation planners. All military logistics and delivery means along with personnel positioning already set up and waiting for orders. However, the system found a one not very anticipated bottle-neck: a slow production of recently developed and tested LYNOs.
    So, Iran has about a full year to get prepared or better to announce the world that it has nuclear deterrence which obviously may discourage the implementation of the latest operation again the country and its people.
    If Iran makes a mistake by thinking it has allies – it set up for a big surprise. Russia will definetely engage in the process of defending Iran…, but only after Iran as we know it will seize to exist.


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