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Syrian and Russian Air Forces Pummel Terrorists Posts in Southern Idlib

Russian air force in Syria - Idlib Tartous Latakia Hama

Syrian and Russian air forces started targeted airstrikes against concentrations of terrorists in southern Idlib province from the morning of today, Thursday 10 June 2021, the strikes so far killed at least 8 Al-Qaeda affiliated terrorists.

The Syrian Army’s artillery shelled the pinpointed NATO-sponsored terrorist gatherings in the villages and towns of Ablin, Al-Bara, Sufuhon, Quqfin, Fatterah, Al-Maouzrah, Kafar Aweed, and Majdalia in the southern Idlib countryside and the Al-Enkawi village in Al Ghab Valley, and Kabani axis in the northeastern Latakia countryside.

Russian fighter jets chased the terrorists in the towns of Al Kindah, Quqfin, Al Halloubi, and Al-Maouzrah in the same Idlib southern province.

At least 8 terrorists were confirmed killed today, 4 of them from the Soukour Al-Sham, a terrorist group that considers the Turkish madman Erdogan as their diety. The group of four were killed while moving near the village of Iblin in their US-taxpayers gifted machinegun-mounted pickup vehicle. The fast-moving vehicle was blown up to pieces by a skilled Syrian Army’s artillery shell from several kilometers away. 4 other terrorists of the same group were killed when heading to the same area to see what happened to their colleagues.

From the early morning to the time of writing this report (midday local time in Syria), the Russian fighter jets have carried out 7 strikes against a number of gatherings of the terrorists in the Al Zawya Mountain in Idlib southern countryside.

Media propagandists for the terrorists have started broadcasting their calls for help concealing the reality of the terrorists killed omitting they are armed terrorists and only reporting news like ‘8 people were killed in these towns’. It’s a known tactic by the NATO propagandists since the first days of the US-led war on Syria: Syrian Army and their allies only kill children and women, blow up only hospitals and schools to the extent that the reports of the terrorists’ propagandists and their NATO sponsors at the UNSC in one meeting alone said there were ’27 hospitals destroyed completely in Idlib’ in the UNSC Meeting on 19 June 2019; Idlib is one of the smallest provinces in Syria, while in Damascus and Damascus Countryside provinces, the largest provinces in the country have a total of 17 public hospitals and 10 private hospitals serving not less than 8 million residents, in Aleppo, the second largest province in the country has 11 public and 10 private hospitals… In Idlib, the destroyed hospitals were 27! The terrorists and their propagandists and sponsors consider their own headquarters where they keep first aid boxes as HOSPITALS.

The regime of the Turkish madman Erdogan has taken dangerous steps that called on the latest Syrian and Russian military movement in Idlib, this military campaign is seen by many Syrian observers as the beginning of a military operation to liberate Idlib, the last stronghold of Al Qaeda in the region as put by NATO’s top officials. Among the Turkish steps taken is the Turkification (Israelize) of Idlib by abolishing Syrian civil records and issuing Turkish IDs to the residents, flooding the province with the Turkish Lira and punishing Syrians living under their occupation from using the Syrian Lira, and the new schools curriculum calling for a caliphate under the Sultan wannabe Erdogan and condemning secularism, the fundamental of the Syrian state.

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    Many more were reportedly killed after this, good riddance and great job, looking forward to hearing more good news like this and the liberation of Idlib soon and all of Syria from north to the last inch in the south.

  2. miri

    A prominent Israeli & Gulf website almost simultaneously ran articles condemning this operation, so apparently it was quite successful.

    • Arabi Souri

      It was very successful, many of the terrorists were killed including some commander with his group, unless this is followed by continuous attacks the Turkish madman will think it’s his turn to attack, especially now his beloved terrorists are killed. 2 things drive him crazy: bombing stolen Syrian oil and killing his terrorists.


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