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UNSC: Goebbels Mad Hyena Pile-on against Syria

UNSC silent when terrorists killed soldiers and al Kindi hospital blown up.

UNSC held another anti-Syria propaganda fest 29 March. This particular bi-weekly event was filled with celebrity guests blowing up the Goebbels Big Lie to near capacity. In addition to the usual NATO klan gang of rabid hyenas who manage to shed crocodile tears while blaming the Levantine republic for the humanitarian crisis inflicted by the failed NATO Spring against the SAR, warmongering ministers of countries never indicted for their explicit war crimes, were brought in to spew their Lyssavirus-infected lies. Continuing the now normalized breach of the noble UN Charter, that of flaunting entitlement, privilege, and supremacy, the super-duper celeb guest happens to be an undoctor.

UNSC invited Syria-hating ministers from NATO countries
There is no limit to the numbers of guest liars allowed per warmongering meetings. With Syria, the sky is the limit. Author unable to ascertain if the foreign ministry of Norway speaking for co-penholders was out of order.

NATO operative Mark Lowcock is the UN’s Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, who started hearing voices back in early 2018, continues to hear voices, voices from imaginary doctors, voices, from taxpayer-funded NGOs — which pimp the lies which are then reported by NATO stenography media, which are then cited by the undicted war criminals as [imaginary] evidence. It would seem that these voices may be drowning out his required knowledge of the UN Charter, which is based on International Humanitarian Law (IHL), codified in The Geneva Conventions of 1949. Or, perhaps the issue is not one of volume control, but rather imperialist arrogance.

Were Mr. Lowcock cognizant — or minimally amenable to pay lip service to — of Geneva/ICRC/IHL, would he have been so brazen to claim that the “UN has supported…for several years” an unlicensed, illegal, not mutually recognized, underground facility as an actual hospital (for that matter, would he, or any other member of the NATO klan of the UNSC allow beloved family members to be treated by the unlicensed, in an uninspected, alleged, health care facility?)? It is irrelevant that Lowcock makes the claim that the ”coordinates” of this unhospital were “shared” with someone or other; without the agreement of the Syrian Arab Republic, there can be no hospital. The UNSC keynote speaker also neglected to explain how the ICRC emblem could be visible while being underground. From the ICRC: While the distinctive emblem does not in itself confer protection, there can be no effective protection without it.

UNSC speakers breached Geneva agreements on hospitals
Those considering funding terrorist NGOs should first read the Geneva Treaties.
Addressing the UNSC, Lowcock still hears voices, still ignores IHL
The NATO junta at the UNSC becomes increasingly arrogant.

Though the State Department, CIA, and generic taxpayer funded SAMS suits were not on the UNSC distinguished guest list, this time, we will share a few choreographed photos from its website, which it claims as evidence that the Not A Hospital Al Atareb was a hospital bombed by the government. We also note that SAMS blocked this Syria News author in the summer of 2017, when, based on the organization’s massive tweets, asked if they were lying or engaging in human vivisection, as there was no third option.

As the NATO klansmen of the UNSC do their rabid hyena imitations over hospitals that do not exist, please refer to the featured image photograph, above. It is a screenshot taken from the FSA/ISIS terrorists armed by NATO, prior to the execution of 20 SAA soldiers who had attempted to protect the al Kindi University and Cancer Hospital, which the takfiri scum turned to subsequent rubble. The war whores of the BBC later described this war crime as ‘rebels taking back a strategic hospital in Aleppo.’

The Security Council never held a meeting to condemn this atrocity.

The first photo shows an intact roof near what looks like part of an open-air market. The second one shows an ongoing visual propaganda theme; despite alleged bombings, medical equipment always seems to remain intact. The third is vulgar staging, meant as pre-conscious advertising: Scratched blood coloring which should have oxidized into brown at its thinnest layer, the symbolic cross lacking splatter forensics but hinting at martyrdom, leading to a dusty, slightly torn but intact wheelchair (will there be another fraudumentary Oscar nominee, next year?):

Again, breaching the UN Charter and the Geneva Agreements, Lowcock actually referred to the US criminal military occupation of al Hol refugee camp — along with its armed underling terror gang, SDF — as “de-facto authorities,” when they are actually engaged in war crimes. He extended the UNSC junta imperialism to the claim that the properly called terrorists — US and SDF –controlling the camp, blocking food and humanitarian goods, are engaged in “restoring security,” a doubleplusgood acceleration of the Goebbels big lies, as the SDF, under the protection of the Biden forces, have been engaged in mass abductions from the camp. He also uttered a lamentation over the killing of an “MSF staff member” without noting that this faction of French Intelligence Services is also illegally in Syria.

As in his standard speeches to the UNSC, Lowcock also called for the new Sykes-Picot to be imposed upon Syria, as did all of the other NATO celebrity speakers who addressed the Security Council, via an expansion of the Council Resolution for al Qaeda border crossings.

The passage of UNSCR 2165 (2014) allowed for foreign entities to deliver alleged “humanitarian” goods via corridors not explicitly opened by Syria. It was quickly celebrated when around 50 children were killed by intentionally poisoned measles vaccines brought in from Turkey. It was renewed via UNSCR 2393 (2017), followed by 2449 (2018), and then a six-month compromise via 2504 (2020) which was rolled over into 2533 (2020) for another year. Any member of the P5 could have refused the Syria-excluded compromise; instead, the colonialist P3 persist in clamoring for the reopening of other imperial corridors, obsessively, Yarubiyah — breaches of sovereignty that none would tolerate against their own countries.

Henrietta Fore, Executive Director of the United Nations Children’s Fund, basically regurgitated a previous guest appearance statement to the UNSC. Her NATO bias is visible in the next photograph, and this writer has been unsuccessful in attempts to be refunded for her childhood Halloween UNICEF fundraising.

Allegedly impartial experts consistently flaunt alignment with NATO clique of the UNSC
NATO elites hold pre-SC meeting to discuss ongoing imperial plans against Syria. [February 2020]

The UNSC junta’s next celebrity guest is introduced in the UN press statement as “Founder of the non-governmental Al Amar Fund. The only Al Amar Fund the author found online is the UK-based charity that recently celebrated its 25th anniversary. “Amar” was the name given to the first domestically built ventilator in Syria, built-in 16 days, and despite the draconian ”sanctions” UNGA members have imposed on the SAR, in defiance of the Charter which requires a resolution to inflict economic devastation on countries.

She is Amani Ballour, whose bathetic backstory changes in details, in various interviews: She always wanted to be a pediatrician, or she always wanted to be a mechanical engineer, but was forced into pediatrics (the inference of institutional sexism always ignores Syria’s reality on ‘gender equality.’); she ran an unlicensed facility for two or five years; she finished medical school or she left to run the unlicensed facility, despite having no appropriate skills (it also appears that she never received her license to practice medicine. On the very off-chance she did, it would have been revoked for even the claim of running an unlicensed medical facility.); her first “patient” was a little boy with half his head ‘blown off,’ yet who managed to survive in suffering agony for 6 or 8 hours.

She was the topic of a National Geographic emotional war porn piece of propaganda that received an Oscar nomination, claiming she ran an underground — unlicensed — facility during which time she, despite her lack of skills, saved thousands of lives. The illicit claim was that she was the first Syrian woman to run a hospital, a claim that is complete fabrication as first, one cannot run a hospital that does not exist, and as second, Rana Omran, M.D. runs the Ophthalmology Hospital in Damascus, and her real surgical team oversaw Syria’s first artificial corneal transplant. The real Cave was an underground torture chamber and slave labor of kidnapped Syrians operation, and no, she cannot return to it as Syrian artists have transformed it into an underground museum, in homage to those tortured and liberated by the Syrian Arab Army.

We note that despite her reputedly stunning skills — which would be in high demand in any country — she has not practiced medicine of any type, since ‘fleeing’ the SAR, not in Turkey, nor in Germany.

She has, however, bebopped around Europe, meeting with Syria-hating ministers of NATO countries, receiving awards, and being invited to address the UNSC to reinforce the propaganda to increase war crimes in the SAR, to destroy its sovereignty, to return it to a colony status.

This author continues to challenge all of the P3 tripartite aggressors, and various NATO underlings with nice salaries, at the UN, to take themselves, their children, and their grandchildren to unlicensed persons claiming to be physicians, into underground torture chambers for medical and trauma care.

Which UNSC member would go to a sadistic unlicensed Mengele for surgery
Illegal in Syria claiming to perform surgery; which UNSC member would go to him for trauma care?

The parade of foreign ministers invited to be among the celebrity guests, was unprecedented. They were all arrogantly NATO biased, amenable to engagement of Crimes against Peace, in spewing Goebbels lies meant to destroy the peace, flaunting their hypocrisy, their might makes right mindset. That SoS Antony Blinken’s war criminal history date back to at least Iraq was of no concern; that in March 2020, Dominic Raab joined diplomats Lowcock, Craft, and undiplomat Jeffrey in Turkey where he showed support for Turkeys war crimes in Syria (in position as minister, he could do whatever he wants; but diplomats are not permitted to show such biases). France’s Jean-Yves Le Drian was not there; possibly the MFA of the country that has never forgiven Syria for evicting its occupiers, that has never been held to account for its Gerboise Bleue nuke bomb blasts against Algeria, that has not endured a UNSC meeting for its massive enucleations and other maiming of the Gilets Jaunes was too busy issuing dictates to other, non-NATO countries

Speaking in the unified, colonialist, NATO voice, the gang whose countries are the world’s leaders in genocide, who have armed, funded, and dumped their own human excrement into Syria — and then removed citizenship so clumps of their home grown garbage could not return to roost — demanded a new Sykes-Picot under myth of open borders to feed those they have starved and because they are hot to bring in non-vaccines into a country that has a much lower rate of COVID deaths per million than do the countries of the white savior complex.

The Syrian Permanent Representative, His Excellency Bassam Sabbagh, noted that ‘certain members’ of the Security Council and General Assembly were continuing to ‘seize ten years’ of his country’s crisis as an opportunity to rally against the Syrian state, promoting the ‘failed policy,’ the illegal coalition, the terrorist proxies, increased [creative] chaos, and an ongoing war of aggression (unlike the previous anti-Syria UNSC meeting, the diplomat from Norway did not rudely get up and walk away when Mr. Sabbagh was given the floor; this time, she only rudely turned away.).

The klansmen controlling UNSC anti-Syria meetings outdid their previous histories of bathos, mad hyena pile-on, and Goebbel’s big lying, on 29 March 2021.

Miri Wood


US ambassador to the UN, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, was the Security Council pro tempore president, for the month of March. She showed she could do some magic tricks, such as getting the same SG Antonio Gutteres, who was only available to eavesdrop on the Russian-Kazahkstan meeting on Children and Armed Conflict (forced into an Arria Formula by the P3 NATO operatives) to engage in a virtual public meeting with Secretary of State Blinken, just prior to the Council meeting, which he addressed.

Blinken — by the way — during his tenure as staff director to the Senate Council on Foreign Relations, was key author to Sen. Joe Biden’s imperialist plot to carve up the previously secular Iraq into sectarian ghettos (see acknowledgments in the Brookings Institution forty-five page ode to the war crime of forced displacement, here.)

Cutting the anemic joke about magic tricks, it is more likely that the arrogant, unindicted war criminals — including diplomats who lie on behalf of their colonialist, supremacist countries, whose politicians have never been charged with war crimes via their destruction of Iraq — simply flaunt their fascist might makes right attitude, while flouting the noble tenets of the UN Charter.

By lies we flattered be may be essential in lovely sonnets (though Shakespeare did qualify them as caused by faults); nevertheless there is no place for denying the existence of habitual, well-paid, well-coiffed, and well-manicured liars, in geopolitics.

Since assuming her one month gig as UNSC president, Thomas-Greenfield has attempted a polished con game, that of significant [phony] changes on the world stage, and within the United Nations, under the new and miraculously improved, Biden administration.

As no one is as innocently ignorant as Thomas-Greenfield pretends to be, and as no one is as stupid as she assumes we are, we return to our non-comic shtick, that of reminding Syria News readers of the simple thing called reality:

On the off-chance that the above gallery of hideous, degenerate photos via the White Helmets are not enough to drive home the truth of the attempted final solution against Syria, on the off-chance that some humanoid products of Operation Mockingbird — those who believe the words of the CIA and the State Department, but who might still be rehabilitated are lurking here — we share some screengrabs from the White Helmets’ kidnapping of eight children, somewhere in Idlib, and placing them into a Helmets fake ambulance. The video from which the blurred stills are taken is clear, and found here (please keep the volume on, to hear the screams of a Syrian mom, begging her child to get out of the ambulance).

Note that this occurs in an opened field, likely where children were playing. There is no sign of anything having been bombed. The ground nearest to the privates of a frightened-looking girl has been painted to look like massive blood. A terrified girl seated in the ambulance, has been defiled with moulage trauma make-up; she attempts to comfort the younger children. A degenerate wearing a white helmet, closes the doors of the ambulance, to lock in the fully ambulatory children.

Throughout the 29 March meeting of the Gobbels liars/rabid hyena humanitarian bastards fête, prominent blaggards of the UNSC barked about the annual Brussels Conference on Syria. As since the inception of this criminal Halliburton/Betchel financier operation, the Syrian Arab Republic continues to be excluded. It is anticipated that the letters sent by His Excellency Sabbagh to SG Gutteres and the temporary UNSC president will be acknowledged.

Miri Wood

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