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Trump Regime Sends Millions to Fake Responder White Helmets


Sixteen days after announcing the fake withdrawal of illegal US troops in Syria, the Trump regime White House announced it was sending another 4.5 million taxpayer dollars to the fake responders known as the White Helmets. These new monies are in addition to $5 million sent in March. The announcement came soon after President Bashar al Assad met with Syrian Arab Army soldiers and told them they are ready to clean Idlib; apparently the Trump regime wants the fake neutral fake responders to be ready, as well.

Fraud responders were not available during the recent massacres of Syrians by Erdogan thugs. Triage required urgent care to the seagull injured by a likely chlorinated, flying barrel bomb, in Idlib.

During the Obama years, the death squad contra Helmets were on record as having received $23 million from the CIA, via its USAID front group. Despite having also received tens of millions from the British Foreign Office to date, this armed gang still does not have a single stethoscope among it, still cannot do CPR, still does not utilize spinal precautions. A serious question about the lack of essential first responders tools by this author was met with censorship.

The trite backstory of the creation of the White Helmets involved a Syrian cell phone salesman suddenly fleeing to Turkey, hanging out there a bit, and then fleeing back to Syria as some ridiculously fantastic paramedic who does not have a stethoscope and cannot perform CPR (though classes are only 8 hours long).

The actual founder of this gang is a British mercenary who was knighted for his creation — which remains headquartered in Turkey — who also does not like being questioned about stethoscopes.

Dare to ask Sir Jimmy about a stethoscope, & you will immediately get censored.

Post liberation and reunification of Aleppo, December 2016, came early reports that the White Helmets were organ thieves. Two years later, massive evidence that this stethoscope-less gang was filled with “organ traders, terrorists, and looters” was shown at the UN. This special meeting had few in attendance, and virtually no mainstream media coverage.

For the record, US support for the fake responders has always been bipartisan. In impressive arrogance, the anti-Syria propagandists even ignore the anomaly of the Helmets being cheered by Muhaysini, a Saudi terrorist in Syria, who is actually on US Treasury’s SDN list.

These death squads — now receiving additional funding from the Trump regime, even while American cities are crumbling, while skyrocketing homelessness has brought diseases like cholera, typhus, and Hepatitis A into major urban centers — were the key source of the chemical hoax in Khan Sheikhoun, 4 April 2017, which was the criminal excuse used by the US-led fascist coalition bombing of Syria on 7 April.

Omitted from the salivating, rabid NATO media was that over 200 Syrians had been kidnapped from neighboring villages, in the previous week, and some of the abductees showed up in the hideous death throes video — which the White Helmets removed once it was shown that the victims died in the same agonizing fashion as did the rabbits in the fatal poison experiment in Turkey, 21 December 2012.

There has been not a complaint by MSM over the US regime announcement to send more money to the Helmet contras. Given that ‘right,’ ‘left,’ and ‘neutral’ are all aligned in lying that the gang is unarmed, and purely humanitarian, despite their own social media sites providing the evidence of their crimes, this is no surprising oversight.

NATO media have never acknowledged the involvement of the White Helmets in the kidnapping, torture, and murder of Syrian soldiers, nor of their savage abuse of the corpses of their victims.

Most foul and degenerate among the Helmets atrocities, remains the kidnapping of children, the terrorizing of children forced into perverse FX productions, the brutalization of children. Not only does not a single MSM journalist issue a condemnation, but the western voyeurs attempt to sate their collective ravenous appetite for utterly depraved porn.

The following video was taken in Idlib. Note the girl forced to lie on the ground, and notice that the perverts had dumped some red coloring around her bottom. Note the look of terror on the face of the girl who has been professionally made up, complete with White Helmets Rubble Gray. Notice that even in her fear, she tries to calm the younger children, and holds a baby to her chest. Listen for the screams of a Syrian mother, yelling for her child to get out of the Helmets van. Watch as the monster throws the child back inside.

This Syrian boy was lucky to be old enough to understand the importance of being submissive to the White Helmets choreographers. It is irrelevant that he looks absolutely ridiculous; what is important is that he is alive, that none of his limbs have been torn from his body.

Imagine, though, being a younger child, stolen from your mom, scared out of your wits, too scared to be compliant to the criminally insane, the armed criminally insane, further psychotic from being fueled with meth. You’ll be brutalized, your shoes will be stolen, you will be the centerpiece photograph in not one, but two scenes of skank war pornography, and AFP will share your photo, and The Guardian will have to be nagged by an unknown journalist until it finally replaces the portrait of your unconscious, pimped body, with something innocuous.

As of this writing, virtually no medium has written about Trump’s millions to the White Helmets (one source did use the announcement to sing their praises). Particularly silent are the TDS media, who never miss the opportunity to trounce all things Trump, unless he is engaged in war criminal activities.

Miri Wood

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