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Dozens of Victims in New Massacres by Erdogan Forces in Northern Syria

Erdogan forces commit new massacres northeast of Syria

Erdogan forces committed new massacres against Syrian civilians in Ras Al-Ain by bombing and by field executing in northern Syria in its latest crimes against humanity committed by anti-Islamic Jihadists in plain cloth and by anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood Turkish air force pilots loyal to the pariah caliph wanna be.

Local media sources reported the deliberate targeting of a convoy in the covered market in the city of Ras Al-Ain by air force pilots loyal to the most hated Muslim Brotherhood organization.

The sources stated that among the victims were a number of foreign reporters, we can’t confirm the details of the bombing and the number of victims as the area is a scene of the brutality of NATO and its disgrace of international law and human lives.

Ras Al-Ain is located in the northeastern province of Al-Hasakah at the borders with Turkey. The city is within the ‘safe-zone’ Erdogan and his Trump role-model agreed to establish on Syrian land. A ‘safe-zone’ in NATO’s definition is Israelize a region comprising of towns and villages obliterated from life and its citizens who will be replaced by families of terrorists.

Some video footage shared on social media showed dozens of bodies and injured mostly burned from the bombing.

Side note: In the above Google Map the giant’s search engine and Pentagon’s tool is already changing the names of Syrian towns into Kurdish names, Sari Kani is the fake name called by Kurds of the Syrian town of Ras Al-Ain.

Earlier, a group of Erdogan Muslim Brotherhood fighters field-executed several persons ISIS-style, the victims were handcuffed and shot dead in the town of Tal Abyad in the northern countryside of previously obliterated by US-led coalition Raqqa province.

Tens of thousands of radical anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood fanatic terrorists fight under the Erdogan regime, he collected these human garbage from all over the world in his neo-Ottoman crusade and from the remnants of terrorist groups that fled from areas cleaned by the Syrian Arab Army and its allies over Syria. Estimates put the total number of these terrorists anywhere between 50,000 – 150,000, depending on how close the sources are to Erodgan’s head of security and actual ruler of Turkey Hakan Fidan.

Kurdish SDF separatist militias collapsing like flies in front of the advancing Erdogan loyalists, many started in-fightings in the blame game. SDF is known to be professional only in backstabbing Syrian citizens and Syrian soldiers, all the western media hype about their roles in fighting ISIS is mere propaganda to help them establish their second Israel on lands they occupied with US help northeast of Syria.

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