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Beginning of Implementation of Putin – Erdogan Agreement Northeast Syria

Russian Military Police with Syrian Border Guards Deploying Northeast of Syria

Northeast Syria developments are accelerating at high pace but not according to NATO’s plans, on the longer run, while burying all dreams of the separatist Kurdish militias, NATO’s useful idiots, to Israelize more than one-third of Syria.

The biggest losers are the separatist Kurdish militias, then there are the Erdogan cannon fodders who will later have to face a determined Syrian Arab Army heading their way in one of the final chapters of the Syrian Terrorists Mincer.

On the shorter run, the Syrians are at dismay seeing Turkish invasion under Russian protection and under Russian Military Police check, though temporarily, the Syrians have witnessed much worse than that in the shape of the world’s largest human garbage terrorist army loyal to Erdogan who in turn was bragging of being appointed as the faithful servant of the Greater Israel project in the region. Who defeated the anti-Islamic suicide terrorists will not have issues in the near future in defeating the sponsors of terror in Syria. The priority now to clean Idlib first and see the end of the Kurdish expansion of their 2nd Israel into Syria, then moving northeast Syria.

Muhammad Khodr, Lebanese Al Mayadeen News Channel report on the latest development in north Syria in the following report, we added English subtitles and followed by the transcript of the English translation:

Video also available on BitChute:

Transcript of the English translation of the report:

Russian military police cross the Qara-Cossack bridge towards Ain al-Arab border with Turkey.

Accelerated implementation of the Russian-Turkish agreement began with a Turkish declaration to stop the military operation in northern Syria, the withdrawal of Kurdish units with its heavy weapons 30 kilometers from the border takes 150 hours time limit with the help of Russian military police and Syrian border guards.

Turkey will achieve some of its objectives according to the agreement, the Kurdish units were removed from its borders and temporarily maintained a status quo between Ras al-Ain and Tal Abyad.

Although the entire agreement means practically burying the Safe Zone project being an aggression on Syrian territory.

In return, Syria is making clear gains on the path to regaining control of every inch of its territory, according to the agreement, the Syrian army will be deployed in all areas from which Kurdish fighters withdraw, including Manbij and Tal Rifaat, northeast of Aleppo.

Damascus also benefits from a return to the activation of the Adana Agreement, which controls the security situation across the borders of the two countries.

Economically, it expects to restore its oil wealth based on the developments in the east of the Euphrates, with Russian support that dispels American attempts to distance Damascus from its natural resources.

Russia, in turn, through its sponsorship of the agreement is expanding its presence in addressing the Syrian file, overseeing the difficult implementation with Kurdish forces, which discovered years later their heavy loss from their bet on Washington. Moscow has been successful in defusing a major showdown between Syria and Turkey.

A scene that was clearly relieved by the former American ally of the Kurds, with President Donald Trump announcing that his troops’ missions were over, the Kurds were safe, and ISIS detainees were secured.

Iran, a Syrian ally and sponsor of the Astana process with Russia and Turkey, saw the agreement as a positive step to restore stability and end the conflict in northern Syria.

The players achieved their best goals through the new Sochi Agreement, another stop on the road for Damascus to regain its sovereignty over the entire Syrian territory with clear commitments in the agreement, its essence is to preserve the territorial integrity and integrity of Syria.

End of the transcript of the English translation report by Muhammad Al-Khodr

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  1. Robert

    So the most potent “foreign” player in the region is the Russian Federation ? They seem to be playing (in slang) “both sides of the middle”.

  2. Arabi Souri

    Being a superpower they need to flex some muscles, and since we have a very long relationship with Russians and with them under the USSR we never encountered the mentality the west has, Russians are civilized as in real civilization not as in just big buildings filled with criminal-minded parasites.

    Besides, they’re coming in many places cleaned form the USAians and their minions the British or the French.


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