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SAA Units Mobilize from East Hasakah Province to Secure Supply Route

SAA Units March from Hasakah Countryside towards Raqqa

Syrian Arab Army (SAA) units started mobilizing units from their positions in Hasakah eastern countryside towards Raqqa western countryside to secure a supply route from Aleppo all the way to the Syrian borders with Turkey and Iraq north and northeast of Syria.

The movement comes in cooperation with dissolved Kurdish separatist militias known as SDF after the latter were abandoned by their patrons and lost their dream to Israelize large parts of Syria with the help of NATO and stooges.

The following report by Al-Mayadeen sheds light on the strategic importance of this movement of the SAA troops, the transcript of the English translation is below the video:

Video also available on BitChute:

Transcript of the English translation:

Syrian Army columns penetrate the countryside between Tal Tamr town in al-Hasakah northwest countryside and reach the outskirts of the administrative borders of Raqqa province.

Syrian Army units started from the town of Um Al-Khair where they had been stationed for several days and advanced south of Aleppo International Highway.

The deployment of the army aims to advance towards the forces deployed in the Raqqa countryside and meet them to secure a land supply line towards Hasakah for the first time since 2012, this allows (the SAA) to transport weapons and heavy equipment by land in preparation for the follow-up of the implementation of the terms of understanding with SDF to deploy at the northern border of the province of Hasakah.

Major General Ahmad Al-Ahmad
Commander of military operations in al-Hasakah:
In God’s will, very soon, the Syrian Arab Army forces in al-Hasakah province will meet with the forces coming from Tabqa.

This advancement would pave the way for full control of the Syrian army on the international road of Aleppo – Al-Hasakah to the Iraqi border, which would later contribute to the opening of the Al-Yarbiyah crossing and secure its entire trade route.

Syrian Arab Army Field Commander:
We continue to work on this pure march and affirm that we will defeat all terrorists from every inch of our Arab land.

The entry of Syrian army units left a feeling of comfort among the residents who expressed their confidence that only the (Syrian) Army could protect the Syrian soil.

We were in a period of humiliation, Turkish aircraft bombarded us.
It’s excellent, thanks to God, this is a joy to see the Syrian Army.

The army’s movement in the north and east of Syria comes in coordination and understanding with the Kurds in order to restore the region to the Syrian state and invest its economic resources.

End of the transcript of the English translation.

The latest aggression of the Turkish pariah Erdogan against Syrian territories has led a humanitarian catastrophe not spoken of by the hypocrite criers of the USA, UK, and France at the United Nations Security Council who would flood the UN headquarters building with their crocodile tears for Al-Qaeda terrorists whenever the Syrian Arab Army responds to their crimes in Syria.

Thousands of Syrian families were deliberately displaced and hundreds of Syrians slaughtered by Erdogan forces and their Al-Qaeda terrorists to empty the land and replace the landowners with Muslim Brotherhood fanatic terrorists loyal to Erdogan and their families.

Syrian President Dr. Bashar Al-Assad strongly condemned this attempt of demographic change and the Turkish aggression in the northern parts of the country, Mr. Assad informed his Russian counterpart Mr. Putin of Syria’s rejection of the Turkish aggression and such attempts. Mr. Putin agreed in a meeting in Sochi with the visiting Turkish pariah Erdogan about certain steps the Syrian state see includes breaching of Syrian sovereignty.

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