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Kurdish SDF Terrorists Kill 2 Women and a Man in Al Hol Refugees Camp

Al Hol (Hawl) Concentration Camp for Syrian Refugees - Hasakah

Al Hol Camp: Kurdish SDF terrorists continue their crimes against humanity in the regions they control especially against the vulnerable refugees, in the past 24 hours they shot dead two women and a man and injured another woman in the Al Hol concentration camp in Hasakah countryside, northeast Syria.

Local sources told the Syrian news agency SANA that a member of the US-sponsored Kurdish SDF separatist armed group shot dead a woman at point-blank range in the Al Hol concentration camp for refugees in Hasakah countryside.

The victim, an unidentified woman, confronted the armed thug for money she paid him earlier to arrange her escape from the horrific inhumane conditions of the camp and his reaction was instantly shooting her with several fire shots killing her at the spot.

In another incident, herds of the heavily armed US-sponsored SDF separatists stormed Section One of the Al Hol concentration camp and started raiding the tents, they opened fire at the protesting refugees killing one man and injuring a woman, multiple local sources confirmed.

This comes one day after killing another woman in the same camp by gunshots while herds of the Kurdish SDF terrorists stormed the camp and kidnapped several civilians. The kidnapped civilians are taken to an unknown base run by the Kurdish terrorists and their CIA trainers.

Al Hol concentration camp is one of the large camps run by the CIA in Syria through its Kurdish proxies along with the Rukabn concentration camp for refugees at the Tanf area in the depth of the open Syrian desert southeast of the country at the Syrian – Jordanian – Iraqi joint borders. The Rukban camp is run by an ISIS affiliate terrorist group and Biden forces illegally positioned in the area.

Biden, continuing the policies of his predecessors Trump and Obama, refuses to release thousands of the Syrian families held in the worst humanitarian conditions in all seasons in these ill-prepared camps and the Kurds have included family members of ISIS terrorists in the same Al Hol camp next to the Syrian families. They’re using these camps as breeding farms for more terrorists.

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