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COVID mRNA VAERS Death Data, C19 News Reporting, and Misinformation

COVID continues to dominate international news, with virtually all MSM focused on an urgency that the general public immediately receive one of the mRNA gene therapies (aka ‘unapproved products’ aka ‘vaccine candidates’ aka ‘experimental trials’). A hyperactive imagination, prodded by previously unfathomable corruption, might wonder how many are getting kickbacks as various western MSM, experts, diplomats, NGOs, and politicians keep reading from the same script.

A hyperactive imagination might toy with the idea that virtually all MSM might be getting a small commission, given that virtually all continue to call the EUA’s “vaccines,” virtually all neglect to mention the possible side effect of antibody-dependent enhancement and not one has done an in-depth report on VAERS death data.

In 2003, the NIH published a review, Antibody-dependent enhancement of virus infection and disease, in which the author noted that “[t]he presence of specific antibodies can be beneficial to the virus.” On 28 October 2020, the NIH issued a publication titled, Informed consent disclosure to vaccine trial subjects of risk of COVID-19 vaccines worsening clinical disease. This one was COVID – 19 explicit: Vaccines for SARS, MERS and RSV have never been approved, and the data generated in the development and testing of these vaccines suggest a serious mechanistic concern: that vaccines designed empirically using the traditional approach (consisting of the unmodified or minimally modified coronavirus viral spike to elicit neutralizing antibodies), be they composed of protein, viral vector, DNA or RNA and irrespective of delivery method, may worsen COVID-19 disease via antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE). This risk is sufficiently obscured in clinical trial protocols and consent forms for ongoing COVID-19 vaccine trials that adequate patient comprehension of this risk is unlikely to occur, obviating truly informed consent by subjects in these trials.

It is essential to note that diagnosing ADE — also called “pathogenic priming” — is based on the clinical picture; like sepsis, there is no simple test that ends in a EUREKA! moment. Ergo, it is not possible to blatantly claim that there has been not a single case of ADE found in VAERS C-19 deaths.

As rancid censorship has run amok, and been supported by the rabid mob, especially regarding all news about COVID, Syria News explicitly states that key materials used in this short report are from official US government sites and/or from the websites of the mRNA manufacturers, themselves. Exceptions to original materials will be screenshots from MSM, media considered objective by most; media which continue to report as though the mRNA trials have already been authorized as safe and effective vaccines, media which continue to omit all mention of pathogenic priming — ADE — the potential risk that the NIH emphatically warned about, 28 October 2020.

If language is not correct, then what is said is not what is meant; if what is said is not what is meant, then what must be done remains undone; if this remains undone, morals and art will deteriorate; if justice goes astray, the people will stand about  in helpless confusion.  Hence there must  be no arbitrariness in what is said.  This matters above everything. — Confucius

For the record: The FDA has stated “There is no U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved vaccine to prevent COVID – 19,” and has referred to both Pfizer and Moderna as “unapproved product[s].” Pfizer and Moderna have called their mRNA’s trials — whose “completions” are estimated at one to two years.

Speaking of records, in 2009, Pfizer broke the US one in a $2.3 billion criminal and civil settlement involving illegal marketing and promoting of four of it medications via off label uses (FDA permits only licensed physicians to use approved medicines off label — except in cases of deadly pandemics, apparently, as various governors have overridden the FDA and have criminalized the prescribing of hydroxychloroquine off label, for example). In 2018, Pfizer demonstrated its obvious integrity rehabilitation by ponying up almost $24 million to resolve a few cases of Medicare fraud and kickbacks — considered a form of bribery by many.

COVID has been a financial boon to some.

Pfizer has properly called itself a “vaccine candidate:”

The FDA originally called it “unapproved product.” Pfizer itself says it’s a vaccine candidate.

On 3 February, Syria News published a public service report on VAERS death data; from late December through 22 January, three hundred twenty-nine persons died after receiving either of the EUA “unapproved products,” a number that reached five hundred one on 29 January. We reported on distinct patterns of deaths — some of which defied reasonable standards in medical and nursing licensure.

The VAERS data involving mortality post mRNA injections through 12 February involve nine hundred twenty-nine (929, on ninety-three pages) deaths reported after receiving the Pfizer or Moderna mRNA’s. The updated deaths show the ongoing pattern which suggests persons with histories of Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome, anaphylaxis, Anticholinergic Syndrome, Torsades de Pointes (a bit of a perverse irony, when one remembers that part of the attacks against physicians wanting to prescribe hydroxychloroquine for C-19 patients, were the social media self-annointed ‘experts’ frothing over QT widening), GBS, etc., should consider the possible increase in risks to these people. A new death of an 81 year old with one such history reports oculogyric crisis, and a 33 year old whose lone medicine history was Copaxone for her optic neuritis (Copaxone is FDA approved for the reduction of Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis). One might also ponder the medical enlightenment involving using a geriatric patient with end stage hepatic and end stage renal failure as a test subject for any COVID mRNA “unapproved product[s]” vaccine trial.

The 12 February VAERS data have an increased number of voluntary reports, e.g., seniors living independently, seniors living with families, and younger persons discovered via “wellness checks.” These reports rarely contain past medical histories, including medications taken on a daily basis.

Update: The VAERS data through 18 February now involves 1,095 deaths on 110 pages. Ongoing patterns and possible emerging patterns among the new mortality toll are posted at the end of this report.

The new data includes 3 persons who died after receiving their second trial dosages, and a possible emerging pattern of persons with histories of thrombi and emboli dying post injections, of something similar to the COVID-19 cytokine storm that ravages the circulatory system (predisposition to this storm can be identified in a simple blood test for High – Sensitivity C – Reactive Protein and if positive, can be given medications to prevent the devastation). Also notable were two cases of persons with histories of GI bleeds, bleeding out from the gastro-intestinal system, one case — without related history — of immune thrombocytopenia (“ITP,” formerly known as idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura), and one case of disseminated intravascular coagulation (“DIC”), in a person with a history of blood disorders.

Though several VAERS write-ups involved strokes, none mentioned if they were embolic or hemorrhagic.

A possible new emerging pattern involves an increased number of VAERS deaths among those receiving the mRNA trials, whose histories include rhabdomyolysis. Also notable is that these mRNA’s continue to be given without first testing for COVID antibodies, as several more added to the VAERS C-19 deaths data were persons who tested positive upon becoming sick after the injection. This lack of what should be part of the standard of care, of informed consent, also contributes to the ongoing problems with misinformation.

To maintain scrupulous rigor in this report, this author acknowledges that various MSM — which remain mute on ADE — have published some news of unexpected deaths after the first or the second injections of the mRNA’s. The author also notes that in each such report there appears to be a press liaison who announces that either investigations are underway, or that these deaths are likely just coincidental. These press liaisons also manage to get permission from shocked and grieving next of kin, to — despite not being virologists, epidemiologists, nor having any medical backgrounds — assure the public of the safety of the COVID trial medications.

An exception to this seeming rule that newsworthy reports on VAERS deaths after COVID mRNA’s being properly investigated and likely pure coincidence was the early reporting on the Florida ob-gyn who began to bleed after his second injection. The original reports detailed his disappearing platelets, and the inability to perform a spleenectomy on him because the multiple platelet transfusions he was receiving were almost immediately obliterated. These detailed reports are now buried under what appears to be edited — er, updated — reports which note that he supported the mRNA and that the manufacturer continues to investigate.

Though the author is focused on VAERS death data, she is aware of new anecdotes involving similar bleeding problems after the second injections. It is unfortunately anticipated that the next group of such deaths will include more evidence that the pathogenic priming will attack the circulatory system in the same brutal fashion that COVID’s cytokine storm does.

Omissions in media only become glaring when they become repetitive. Multiple reports have acknowledged curiously timed deaths after receipt of one of the mRNA vaccine candidates. Headlines have bordered on click-bait, announcing both, then immediately turning to the reputed experts, and the mouthpieces in support of continuation of the trials. The “unapproved products” continue to be reported so that the collective inference to be made is that they are bonafide, and our only path to salvation from COVID. Also glaring is that western media share the same language, no matter the author. All describe the injection as the jab, almost as though to inoculate readers from any hesitation, and to roll them into a cozy, warm and fuzzy comfort zone; the innocuous roll out have been so repetitively used that a few have wondered why they find themselves ‘hearing’ Roadhouse Blues when reading news on the COVID mRNA genetic therapies.

A witty early talkie describes how anything can be sold, with proper advertising.

Some of the COVID ads — er, news reports — border on Freudianism, demonizing the eros instinct while pushing toward the most sadistic of the thanatos instinct. Others seem teeter near support of euthanasia — prohibited by those old-fashioned Nuremberg Laws — to cheer the news of government not having to pay out pensions because of geriatric deaths. One report from Norway scoffed at 29 deaths, post experimental injections; after all, those people were old, and “frail” (and ‘negligible’?).

VAERS data is US-specific and therefore we cannot fault non-US media for omitting our death statistics related to the COVID mRNA mass experiment. We can, however, note the fantastic, shared scripts in various international journals, quotes from health ministries, humanitarian concerns of diplomats, and assorted experts — all of whom ignore the written pdf’s of the pharmaceutical corporations that their new drugs are experimental — and some of whom contradict themselves, in writing.

We now offer some curious examples.

According to local media, the peninsular Gibraltar had a total of twelve (12) COVID-related deaths from its first in November 2020, and 8 January 2021. The government’s roll, roll, rolled out Pfizer mRNA began on 10 January, after which the C19 official total deaths of seventy-three (73) were recorded 7 February. Despite the increase of sixty-one (61) deaths during the twenty-eight (28) day post injection campaign, the government — which calls COVID ”Wuhan” — issued a statement emphatically claiming the two are unrelated, and that “discredited individuals” and organizations are engaged in misinformation campaigns. Gibraltar’s health ministry made no mention of pre-injection tests to ensure people do not have COVID antibodies and therefore are not at risk for ADE, and made no mention of the small country — population under 34,000 — having one of the largest C-19 deaths per million in the world.

A perplexing number of English-language news stories appeared on 12 February, claiming that France had declared one injection of the mRNA might be sufficient in prevention of COVID. Most were short on details; Reuters blurb was more like a fraction of a blurb. The original source was Haute Autorité de Santé (HAS) and its official statement suggested that one shot of the experimental might be enough for those who had already had C-19. That HAS recommended a waiting period of a minimum of three months — though six months were preferable — it avoided mentioning ADE/pathogenic priming as the reason.

Toujours les questions that remain unasked by MSM; we take this opportunity to ask France why there is no mention of the danger of antibody-dependent enhancement when someone with COVID antibodies is given an experimental? Why did France’s Health Ministry abruptly declare the over the counter hydroxychloroquine a ‘poisonous substance’ weeks before the first official case of C-19? How did the entire confiscated stock of hydroxy manage to be stolen? Whose idea was it to move critically ill COVID patients from contaminated Paris, last March, into clean Brittany (one does not need several PhD’s to know that the first rule of epidemiology is containment, not expansion. Where in epidemiology studies is it considered prudent to export diseases? Is this how France came to have one of the highest deaths per million?)?

Inversely curious is the lack of reporting outside of India on the nineteen (19) Indian healthcare workers who died after receiving one of their country’s two emergency authorized trial drugs, roll roll rolled out on 16 January, according to the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare announcement of two days earlier. The factsheet “endnotes” on contraindications and special precautions show a competent grasp of ADE; however, the list of that which is not contraindicated suggests that the Indian Ministry should take a look at the past medical histories of US VAERS post injection deaths.

The Ministry has not publicly responded to calls for an investigation into the deaths, nor has any English-language Indian medium reported on which of the emergency authorized drugs — Covishield or Covaxin — had been given to the subsequently deceased.

Covishield is a kind of local trade name for AstraZeneca, which is a “viral vector” tool, “Recombinant, replication-deficient chimpanzee adenovirus vector encoding the SARS CoV 2 Spike glycoprotein. Produced in genetically modified human embryonic kidney (HEK) 293 cells” (i.e. adenoviruses taken from the mesentery of chimps and genetically altered). Covaxin is manufactured by Bharat Biotech and made with dead coronaviruses; though not a giant, Bharat holds patents on a couple dozen authorized vaccines, and exports to 123 countries.

Given India’s pre-COVID history of hydroxychloroquine being an over the counter, its recommended prophylactic use among health care workers, by the Indian Council of Medical Research, that the exportation of this medicine temporarily halted, it being made into a schedule “H” to prevent hording and black-marketeering, and India having one of the lowest deaths per million statistic, it would seem counterintuitive that the country would have a need to rapidly develop C-19 vaccines, and/or to authorize public trials on an emergency basis.

India’s EUA’s, however, may be somewhat related to the fact that India produces 60% of the world’s vaccines.

Ivermectin was also an over the counter medication in India, and had to be changed to prescription only, to halt the panic buying, hoarding, and black marketeering, as it is used to treat COVID in this country with one of the least deaths per million in the world.

The anti-parasitic ivermectin has been almost parenthetically discussed as a possible cure/prophylaxis against COVID since the pandemic began (e.g., NIH publication, here, and Antiviral Research, here), yet has been gaining traction in the medical world, via successful anecdotal sharing.

Late last year, the FDA warned people not to eat ivermectin prescribed for their animals. The same FDA that has EUA’d Pfizer and Moderna as “unapproved product[s]” used the opportunity to also state that it has not EUA’d ivermectin for COVID, that this medication is approved only for parasitical infestations, and which neglected to mention that: Any medication approved as safe by this governing body is allowed to be used for off-label purposes by professionals licensed to write prescriptions; that ivermectin — along with chloroquine — is on the WHO Model List of Essential Medicines and has been safely used for decades; that the patent on ivermectin expired in 1996, thereby making it quite inexpensive.

On 25 January, Merck announced it was dropping its two SARS-CoV-2 / COVID – 19 trials and would be focusing on “two [Rube Goldberg] therapeutics,” one that potentially “modulates” the “inflammatory response” in C-19 patients (see above hyperlink on high sensitivity C – reactive protein) and an antiviral. This was followed by its 4 February strongly worded statement that its “company scientists” claimed no “scientific basis” for use against COVID, no “meaningful evidence” for use against COVID, and — quelle surprise — lamentations for “a concerning lack of safety data…” (stunning how medications that have been safe for decades, which have been successful in in vitro pre-C-19 SARS-CoV studies become suddenly useless and/or hazardous for this most recent coronavirus, particularly when there is so much money to be made via experiments, while people continue to die, while people’s lives are being destroyed, while joblessness, homelessness, depression, alcoholism, drug addiction, and suicide are on the rise, as babies’ and children’s brains are at risk for being permanently malformed, as the VAERS death numbers increase.

In a study of 26 young male murderers, Brown (1998) reported that normal play behaviour was virtually absent throughout the lives of these highly violent, antisocial men.

Reuters — which left out the most important aspects of the HAS report — was quick to announce Merck’s announcement, while leaving out any possible financial interest it might have.

Dr. Mobeen Syed, M.D., M.S., has offered a short tutorial on how ivermectin can work against COVID, so that the layperson can understand it:

Censorship update time, again: Apparently Dr. Been’s tutorial was a bit too understandable to the layperson, as YouTube recently removed it, along with a video by Professor Satoshi Omura. Dr Omura holds two PhD’s, and is a Nobel Laureate — “the greatest benefit to humankind” — for his groundbreaking work on ivermectin.

In early 2011, the NIH published a report calling ivermectin the wonder drug from Japan. YT has given itself the loophole of right to censor — without the responsibility to investigate — anything that does not fully support the World Health Organization, when it relates to COVID. There need be no questions asked as to why WHO leaders have chosen to follow the pharmaceutical giant, Merck, in its salaried employees claim that the wonder drug whose patent expired, the wonder drug that is on WHO’s essentials list, should be ignored as a possible solution to people dying.

Despite a successful study that was published in December, the NIH had been opposed to off-label use of ivermectin for COVID. After the family of 80 year old Judith Smentkiewicz won a Court ruling to force her physicians to given her this medication — resulting in her extubation and full recovery within 48 hours — the NIH subsequently and very slightly reversed its opposition.

Omnia pro aegroto.

Though the intention was to update the US VAERS data deaths post COVID experimental trials, as the UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres has jumped in with both feet, and the British and French ambassadors are planning to introduce an SC resolution for COVAX equity to inject the poorer countries of the world with the Pfizer and Moderna trial mRNA’s and the AstraZeneca viral vector experimental (made from “recombinant, replication-deficient” adenoviruses culled from chimpanzee mesentery and basted in “genetically modified human embroyonic kidney [HEK] 293 cells”) that have not been given vaccine status — because of their altruistic, noble largesse (certainly it has nothing to do with the pound sterling skyrocketing because of ”hope” for the experimental); as such, we are obliged by that archaic thing — journalistic integrity to correct the misinformation/disinformation they are emitting to the world, and which the MSM continue to not notice.

The benevolence of the UK and France is especially touching, given both countries are among the highest in their populations’ COVID deaths per million; France’s humanitarian concerns are almost surprising, considering its disappearing hydroxychloroquine and Macron’s draconian lockdown against the French populace, last year.

22 February: Worldometer shows France and Britain with some of the largest COVID deaths per million in the world.

Such compassion was non-existent in September 2014, when upwards of fifty Syrian children were murdered by poison put into vaccines for distribution in the Idlib area.

The UN is partnered with GAVI, founded by Gates in 1999. Gates is also a key funder of the World Health Organization, which spiked its tetanus toxioid vaccines with hCG to sterilize a couple hundred Kenyan women without their knowledge or consent. This admission took a while, as there was much media chatter that the Catholic bishops — Kenyans, black men — could not possibly have overseen the lab studies.

The UK also used the term emergency use authorization for a trial product, while France — being part of the EU — calls the situation conditional marketing authorization (CMA). Both have variations on the US VAERS data filing, though Britain‘s and France‘s appear to be fully voluntary, and seem to be quite lacking in detail . The UK calls its adverse reaction submission, Yellow Card, and under Bells Palsy post injection side effect, actually suggested that the Bells might be caused by herpes (and in the literal blink of an eye, it was edited out).

Still, not a single MSM has reported on the possibility of a fatal antibody-dependent enhancement from a trial drug, not a single call for COVID antibody testing before injecting millions with trial drugs that are not approved, bonafide, vaccines.

On 22 February, UNSG Antonio Guterres gave a VTC speech to the Human Rights Council; COVID “vaccines” for the poor of the world — mRNA’s and genetically altered viral vector vaccine candidates — was the basis of his speech, and what he considers the basic fundamental of human rights — human rights which should include persons not being forced into refugee status because their homelands are being bombed.

Some of his words sounded like a call for increased censorship, and more regime change.

He spoke of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, but perhaps oddly, did not mention the Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights — which would have been more pertinent to his plea for what might be considered turning the third world into an in vivo laboratory, filled with millions of test subjects. Perhaps he could not discuss bioethics and COVID experimental drugs without acknowledging Articles, 4, 5, and 6: Benefit and Harm, Autonomy and Individual Responsibility, and Consent — key human rights that are as likely to be denied refugees and the displaced as these human rights to consent have been denied to the geriatric populations described in the VAERS data. He condemned something he called vaccine nationalism — alluding to the trial meds whose manufacturers are making billions.

The SG’s condemnation of white supremacy did ring a tad hollow, given his own, decades-long intimate knowledge of privilege. Not shockingly, the same media stenographers who have been hammering away advertising for Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca, were enthrall.

The US 1976 mass vaccination for swine flu was halted after about six months, ostensibly because of some terrible neurological side effects. Called a ”disaster” by some, it has been blamed for the resistance of a growing number of persons who do not wish to be injected with warp speed trial medications which have not been approved anywhere, as actual vaccines.

This report has massively documented the ongoing — perhaps supremacist-oriented? — neglect by politicians, Science™ experts, and media stenographers to address honest questions, and give honest answers.

Until that day comes, VAERS death COVID data after mRNA and viral vector “unapproved products” mass in vivo testing will continue, with some not cheering what has been called “Tuskegee equality.”

Miri Wood, with Isa Mateen

As this report is thoroughly documented, future Syria News VAERS data will simply be updates, including any new emerging patterns. They will all have featured images of children at play. Fear does not give us the right to destroy children and childhood. Play is the work of childhood.

Syria News‘ two reports on post trial mRNA VAERS data have focused exclusively on mortality and possible patterns which may show who is at risk. There are countless data on morbidity; one such injured person is Kristi Simmonds, RN, whose sister started a Go Fund campaign to help her with her medical expenses and her extensive rehabilitation. Several videos of her neurological problem post injection are included in the page, along with details of her story. Ms. Simmonds notes that while her adverse reaction is not common, those considering the injections should be made fully aware of the potential risks.

Kristi Simmonds, RN.

Significant Readings:

Professor Didier Raoult, M.D., PhD: Emergence and outcome of the SARS-CoV-2 “Marseille-4” variant

Younes Zaid et al.: Platelet reactivity to thrombin differs between patients with COVID-19 and those with ARDS unrelated to COVID-19

NIH publications on SARS-Cov from 2003 through 2020 follow. These all show success in the in vitro use of hydroxy/chloroquine is destroying SAR-CoV. FDA approved, on the WHO list of humanity’s essential medications — which includes ivermection — have been on the market for decades, deems safe and efficient.

We must ask the question, cui bono in the witch hunts against these safe meds, merely because they haven’t been used in those double-blind in vivo studies. Cui bono, by demonizing the ancient medication as people die, while the world glorifies warp speed trials of unproven products never used in this manner throughout history.

Medications which have safety of decades of known safety for human beings, which have been proven to kill coronaviruses in petri dishes do not magically become poisonous substances because the French Minister of Health has waved her broomstick over them, nor because pharmaceutical giants convince politicians to authorize emergency use for their “unproven products.” Medicines which have been safely and efficiently used for up to 70 years do not suddenly become riddled with awful side effects for being used “off label.”

2003 Effects of chloroquine on viral infections: an old drug against today’s diseases

2004 In vitro inhibition of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus by chloroquine

2006 New insights into the antiviral effects of chloroquine

2009 Antiviral Activity of Chloroquine against Human Coronavirus OC43 Infection in Newborn Mice

2014 Repurposing of Clinically Developed Drugs for Treatment of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus Infection

2017 Middle East Respiratory Syndrome and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome: Current Therapeutic Options and Potential Targets for Novel Therapies

2020 Chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine as available weapons to fight COVID-19

Also of interest is a short January 2021 NIH publication which notes that lockdowns have had negligible effects in halting the transmission of COVID: Assessing mandatory stay-at-home and business closure effects on the spread of COVID-19

Related reading: Originally published in NEJM, in 1949, Dr. Leo Alexander’s Medical Science under Dictatorship

Update on patterns and possible patterns:

  • There is an ongoing number of VAERS data deaths related to COVID after the first dose of the “unapproved product.” This suggests the ADE/pathogenic priming that the NIH 28 October 2020 report explained in its call for full disclaimer in informed consent.
  • Persons with significant neurological and immune response histories as noted above continue to receive the trial drugs. and continue to be among this data.
  • First data included seemingly negligible loss of appetite. This apparent pattern is ongoing and possibly expanding as vomiting and diarrhea pre-mortem are increasingly noted in the write-ups. One case of gastric volvulus is among the new statistics. Two cases of intestinal perforation are included in the most recent report; by strange coincidence, they have consecutive IDs: 1000377 (death date 16 January) and 1000378 (death date 25 January).
  • The apparent pattern of new onset ataxia/dysmetria/apraxia/dyspraxia continues, noted by previously independently ambulatory patients falling, and some falls causing fractures that require surgical repair.
  • Rhabdomyolysis histories appear to be expanding.
  • Pulmonary edema may be an emerging pattern, as increasing write-ups include descriptions of persons making ‘gurgling sounds’ pre-mortem.
  • Though the term feelings of impending doom has not been used, the pattern of persons reporting feeling off, anxious or especially restless for no apparent reason, appears to be increasing (e.g., in a voluntary report, a 90 year old who lived independently, left a card game with friends early for not feeling quite right, and who was found dead at home the next day after he could not be reached by phone).
  • It is important to note that there is an increasing number of voluntary reports, many of which have little pertinent information — past medical history, daily medications — which could help to identify potential patterns, ongoing or emerging.

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    Extermination of goyim peoples is an ancient dream of talmudic ritualists.
    Bill Gates is a front man for this long term global project (a total war against humanity).

  2. M.Ini

    Agreed. The magnitude of this threat is huge. Apparently, to my surprise actually, the Israelis themselves are being forced to get the vaccine, despite the fact that it is producing fatal victims already, in the short term. Some of them are rightfully recalling to memory the outcome of the Nuremberg trials, but apart the Orthodox sector, the majority are still hypnotized by their TV sets. I hope they’ll all wake up and apply the famous Jewish proverb, “if anyone comes to kill you, rise and kill first”. They might become the very first people to explode in a full-out rebellion against the talmudic conspirators and the elite manipulating them, and humanity might finally live in peace, with no supremacist ideologies from any group.

  3. Jack Oliver

    Pretty telling when the Syrians know it is complete BS – ZIO/US unleashed the killer FLU on Iran – Russia and China !

    Russia knows it is the FLU – so they have developed a FLU shot – not a ‘vaccine’ ( vaccines protect you for life ) – because what the US has unleashed is a KILLER FLU – like the Spanish FLU in 1917 ( coincidently when the Bolsheviks seized power in Russia ) and the KILLER Hong Kong FLE ( 1969 ) they ALL have the same symptoms as COVID !

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    On 27 Feb., the FDA EUA’d Johnson and Johnson’s viral vector candidate.

    J&J are known for their cancerous baby talcum powder.

  5. Miri

    From Prof. Didier Raoult: “Mutations du SARS-COV-2 chez un patient à la charge virale persistante, traité par plasma de patient convalescent et remdesivir. Résultat: 7 mutations dans le spike (dont N501Y du variant anglais et sud-africain), et une sensibilité aux anticorps diminuée!”

    SARS-COV-2 mutations in a patient with persistent viral load treated with convalescent patient plasma and remdesivir. Result: 7 mutations in the spike (including N501Y of the English and South African variant), and decreased sensitivity to antibodies!

  6. crisscross767

    I have a lot of empathy for the brave lady in the video herein.

    Israel became one of the first nations in the world to mandate COVID-19 vaccines, and to introduce a COVID passport system that would only allow individuals to participate in society – including commerce – after they received the vaccine and were approved to join the system.

    • Arabi Souri

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    I Googled the name Fauci and it means ‘maw’

    The mouth, stomach, jaws, or gullet of a voracious animal, especially a carnivore.
    The opening into something felt to be insatiable: “I saw the opening maw of hell” (Herman Melville).

    [before 900; Middle English mawe, Old English maga, c. Old High German mago, Old Norse magi]


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