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Russian MoD Warns of a New False-Flag Chemical Attack in Idlib

Previous Staged Chemical Attack by the White Helmets in Syria

The Russian Ministry of Defense revealed that the terrorists in the occupied Idlib province are preparing for a new false-flag chemical attack to accuse the Syrian Arab Army.

‘Al Nusra Front’, aka Jabhat Nusra aka HTS, aka Al Qaeda Levant, an armed organization designated as a terrorist group by the United Nations and sponsored mainly by the Turkish regime of Madman Erdogan is transferring containers filled with toxic chlorine to the regions under its occupation in the de-escalation zone in Idlib, northwest of Syria, to film a new chemical attack hoax to accuse the Syrian Army of it.

Inspired by the success of their Duma hoax among western circles who promoted the imaginary story as true and used it as a non-legal justification to bomb Syria, the terrorists of Al-Qaeda, marketed to their western audience as the savors of the Syrian children from their fathers in the Syrian Army, wants a repeat to add further pressure on the Syrian state and thwart an imminent Syrian army military operation to send them back to their countries.

The Russian Coordination Center in Hmeimim spotted the terrorists on the 14th of this month February transferring the containers of toxic chlorine and preparing to use it in a new staged attack with the help of the busted fake ‘White Helmets‘ terrorist group, the ‘civil’ arm of Al Qaeda Levant.

Israel, the illegal 52nd state of the USA, carried out a bombing against targets in southern Damascus in the southwest of Syria at late night of 14 – 15 of February as a cover for the terrorists in Idlib in the northwest of the country. Such coordinated acts can be only carried out by a maestro who has leverage over Israel, Turkey, Al Qaeda and its affiliates, and that has vowed to continue the pressure on the Syrian people to subdue them into its hegemony, no other than the United States of America, who also maintains a number of illegal military bases in Syria manned by their ‘Oil Thieves Regiment‘ in the southeast and northeast of the country. The US ministry of war, the Pentagon, has also promised to revive ISIS after its defeat in Syria and Iraq, and since last year has transferred dozens of ISIS commanders between their military bases in Syria and in Iraq.

The Russian Ministry of Defense hopes by reporting on the staged hoaxes to expose it and prevent the terrorists and their NATO sponsors from using it in their propaganda against Syria, this has worked to little success in the past as the western ‘partners’ would lie to further their agenda and instead of backing down when exposed they come up with new lies and demonize their foes for exposing them. The trial of and the conditions Julian Assange are held in by both the United States and its UK minion in contrast to their cries for the Russian nobody Navalny is a sheer example of their hypocrisy and lies in regard to human rights, freedoms, and democracy exporting business.

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