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Israel Bombs the Outskirts of Damascus in a New pre-Dawn Aggression

Israel bombs the outskirts of Damascus 15 February 2021

Israel bombed the outskirts of Damascus in the depth of the night from across the occupied Syrian Golan, the 3rd aggression since the formation of the ‘most diverse’ Biden regime in the USA.

A Syrian Military spokesperson said: At exactly 01:18 am Damascus local time, the Israeli enemy carried out new aggression with a barrage of missiles from across the occupied Syrian Golan at some targets in the outskirts of the city of Damascus.

The spokesperson added: Our army’s air defense units addressed the incoming Israeli missiles and shot down most of them.

The video is also on YouTube and BitChute.

We’re not sure whether this is part of the ‘Abraham Peace Accord’ deal between Israel on one hand and some Arab monarchies and the poorest Arab country Sudan on the other, we didn’t hear any condemnation from any of those Arab countries against the Israeli repeated aggression against Syria.

The Syrians in the occupied Golan marked yesterday the 39th anniversary of their general strike rejecting Israel’s decision to annex their land. Their activities included speeches, a march, and a stand-up in the occupied town of Majdal Shams. This is the Syrian people’s response to the so-called ‘Abraham Peace Accord’.

The Israelis, with their late-night aggression from over their land against their mother country, reminded them that democracy, freedoms, and peoples’ right to self-determination are only slogans used for public opinion consumption in the hypocrite western countries, the military power is the reality with the help of those same hypocrite western countries.

Israelis take seriously the dates of certain occasions, they bombed Syria on Christmas eve, both Christmases Catholic and Orthodox, on new year’s eve, and whenever the Syrians are celebrating the defeat of Al Qaeda and ISIS terrorists in the country. Happy Valentine’s night for this one. It’s the messages of ‘love’ by the last apartheid regime in the world with the complete sponsorship of NATO countries and their satellite regimes to Syria, the cradle of civilization and the last secular nation in the region, and far beyond.

There’s no official statement yet on the damages from this latest Israeli violation of the basics of international law and the articles of the Charter of the United Nations with the help of NATO and stooges.

Israel has become bolder in its attacks, just like ISIS and the other terrorist groups in Syria lately, taking advantage of the increased pressure on Syria by the economic cost of western sanctions, measures against the COVID-19 ‘epidemic’, and the theft of Syrian oil and wheat by Biden troops and their Kurdish SDF thugs in the northeastern Syrian provinces of Hasakah and Deir Ezzor. The USA has actually joined Israel in its previous attack against Syria, overtly this time, unlike all the previous times. Wait when Syria starts retaliating against the repeated Israeli attacks and you’ll see the hypocrites condemning the victims for defending themselves.

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