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Israel Bombs Deir Ezzor City and Al Bukamal Area in the East of Syria

Israel bomb Syria - Archive Photo

Israel carried out a new bombing against Syria after midnight targeting the northeastern Syrian city of Deir Ezzor and Al Bukamal area near the borders with Iraq.

A Syrian military spokesperson said: ‘At 01:10 am of this day the Israeli enemy carried out an aerial bombing against the city of Deir Ezzor and the Al Bukamal region, assessments of the results of this aggression are underway.’

This story is developing.

The below map shows the possible route used by the Israeli drones to carry out today’s bombing using a corridor used by the US forces illegally positioned in Syria:

There’s also a possibility unless confirmed otherwise, that this latest aggression could have been carried out with the help of the regime of the Turkish madman Erdogan through Turkish airspace from the north; the neo-Ottoman sultan wannabe might be seeking to avenge the latest Russian bombing of an illegal oil refinery facility run by Al Qaeda-affiliated terrorist groups who sell their stolen Syrian oil output to Erdogan’s family businesses and their partners.

This marks the second Israeli bombing against Syria this month so far and the 4th in the past 30 days against the country that has been fighting the US-sponsored international terrorism of ISIS and other Al Qaeda affiliated groups for the past decade.

Both Netanyahu of Israel and Trump of the USA need a regional war to break out which would involve US troops for both of them to remain in power and avoid prison in the case of the first and most likely the same fate in the case of the latter. The latter, Trump, is said to be plotting to bomb Iran by Friday to start his long-awaited war for the same reasons, multiple sources have mentioned.

Trump’s plot to bomb Iran would be severe enough that would push Iran to retaliate and ignite the war he needed on behalf of himself and his Zionist buddy Netanyahu, analysts believe.

Israeli bombings are always carried out at the depth of the night and mostly from across borders to avoid the Syrian army’s air defenses, however, and occasionally, the Israelis would use the same air corridor Trump forces use from their illegal base in the At-Tanf which was agreed with the Russians in a de-confliction agreement, this latest bombing seems to be using this corridor where it’s believed that Israeli drones flew across northern Jordan and entered the Syrian airspace from over the At-Tanf area and through the open desert to bomb their targets.

On the late-night of the 6th of January as the Syrian Orthodox Christians were celebrating Christmas and while the whole world was watching the ‘invasion of the US Capitol’, Israel carried out an aggression against the southern Damascus countryside from over the occupied Syrian Golan.

Earlier on December 30, 2020, Israel bombed the Zabadani region northwest of Damascus near the borders with Lebanon, this aggression followed its previous aggression on the 25th of December against the Syrian central city of Masyaf but this time from the Lebanese coast opposite Tripoli.

Israeli increased attacks are coordinated with an increase of ISIS terrorist attacks and the re-emerging of the terrorist sleeping cells from areas controlled by the USA and their Kurdish SDF proxies. ISIS cells carried out two deadly attacks in the past month and their last infiltration attempt was confronted by Syrian Arab Army units in the eastern countryside of Hama on the 10th of January and the Russian fighter jets bombed ISIS supply lines coming from the US military illegal bases in eastern Syria.

We’re waiting for further information on this latest Israeli aggression from confirmed sources, these bombings that wouldn’t occur without the weird silence by the United Nations Security Council, which obviously failed its main mandate, and the silencing campaigns by NATO member states of the United Nations.

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    And they are just waiting for Syria to respond to widely open all gates of Hell and the US Military Industrial Complex will get to sell more weapons, which means more jobs for the US people who only care about their money not how it came, and Netanyahu and Trump can sacrifice few thousands of the US cannon fodders positioned in the region so they will avoid prison!

  2. Muhammad Turkmani

    Vitaliy, why do you keep attacking the only site that tells things as it is? I subscribed to this site a long time ago and their main feature is their persistence then everybody else follows after a long time, meanwhile people like you smear and troll their posts. Are you paid for this? Or maybe you’re so ideologically principled in your doctrine you better go on the ground and join the fight instead of being the keyboard warrior dumb as you sound waste of time and waste of space.

    I’m a Syrian living in Syria and enduring all the hellish life here, if you want to support us and support this site that supports us do so, if you don’t like this site because it doesn’t work for you and doesn’t satisfy your agenda find another site that does, I’m reading your comments on the posts here and wanted to reply for a while but was hoping that you might be misled and soon you’ll wake up, doesn’t seem to be happening. I read every post written here and wait for their posts to explain what’s really happening around us and I appreciate having this outlet tell our suffering to the world and do not appreciate trolls attacking it.

  3. Vitaliy Yakubovskiy

    My dearest friend,
    This is western propaganda outlet, not a genuine Syrian voice. It is clear that it is on Mossad payroll or can be even Mossad psyop.

    Would you please consider at least to slightly touch a very insignificant issue:
    A strong desire and action thru the WEF of the Rothschilds clan as owners of the planet Earth to arrest and reverse population growth as a task delegated to them by their superiors – satanic top rabbinical echelon.
    Would you? I don’t think so, because your master will never allow this to happen.

    If you continue to blame Trump for the Syrian hell, you may loose the last shred of credibility you may have. Readers will make fun of you and walk away. Trump will come and go, but Syrian hell will continue unabated. Because it is a war, a war against humanity, against goyim peoples till they fully exterminated to the joy of the satanic rabbinical cabal. The Syrian hell will not going to be contained it will be expanded to all corners of our planet.
    You haven’t seen anything yet my friend, enjoy…


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