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Israel Bombs Masyaf in Central Syria on Christmas Eve, as Expected

Israeli aggression on Masyaf 25 Dec 2020 from over Lebanon

Shortly after midnight, Israel fighter jets bombed the city of Masyaf in central Syria, the Syrian air defense managed to repel most of the incoming missiles.

A Syrian military source stated: “Exactly at twelve and 40 minutes from the dawn of this day, the Israeli enemy launched aggression by directing a burst of missiles from the north of the Lebanese city of Tripoli towards Masyaf area in the western Hama countryside. Our air defense units intercepted the enemy missiles and dropped most of them.”

Some Lebanese from the coast of Tripoli, north of Lebanon, managed to film the Israeli missiles when launched from the fighter jets toward Syria, they thought it was launched from an Israeli navy ship across their city but it was confirmed later it was from fighter jets.

The video is also available on BitChute and YouTube.

Israeli aggression on Christmas eve was very much anticipated, the leaders of the enemies of humanity in Israel and their Zionist Christians in the West despise everything divine, they serve the anti-Christ from the establishment of the ‘state of Israel’ on the holy lands to date. All the crimes they committed in the name of Jesus Christ are to taint the image of the messenger of peace with all hatred and blood.

Last year and a couple of days before Christmas Israel carried out a bombing against Damascus countryside, and also, on Christmas eve of 2018, the Israeli leaders bombed the outskirts of the Syrian capital Damascus killing one Syrian Arab Army officer First Lieutenant Gabriel Ali Raya, and injuring two other SAA soldiers in the attack.

The 2018 Christmas was the first the Damascene people celebrate after cleaning the city of Duma in the Eastern Ghouta from US-sponsored Jaysh Al Islam terrorists putting an end to the daily indiscriminate shelling of the Syrian capital with mortars from the last and largest terrorist concentration in southern Syria, the city of Duma (aka Douma).

Throughout the past ‘decade’ since the beginning of the US-led war of terror waged against Syria using the anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood and Wahhabi fanatics brought in from all sides of the planet, the Israelis did not spare a chance in aiding the terrorists directly by bombing the positions of Syrian armed forces and their allies, and indirectly by providing all sorts of support and aid to the terrorist groups of ISIS, Nusra Front, and the rest of the FSA, they didn’t care who the beneficiaries of their US Taxpayers’ paid aid were as long as the terrorists are fighting the Syrian people and the Syrian Arab Army.

Using the Lebanese and Jordanian air space to carry out their war crime bombings puts the lives of tens of thousands of people in those countries deliberately at risk of falling debris if the SAA responds to the Israeli fighter jets directly. The Israelis were even taking cover behind commercial airplanes carrying hundreds of civilians when committing their hit and run war crimes from behind the borders. In one incident they used a Russian recon airplane to carry out their attack which led to the shooting down of the Russian airplane killing all Russian servicemen on board as the air defense missile chases the larger object.

It’s worth noting that the Lebanese government refuses to procure air defense systems like all other nations, especially those under constant threat from criminal neighbors, and also the Lebanese government does not accept that the Syrian air defense systems operate to cover their skies, they’re submitting to the US pressure on the account of Syria and the Syrian people and also on the account of their own people, this must end. If the Lebanese government does not act responsibly and protect their skies from Israeli intrusions, the Syrian armed forces must carry out their duties and protect the Syrian skies from Israeli intruders over Lebanon disregarding the US stooges in Lebanon.

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  1. Miri

    Several years ago Obama gave Jordan one billion (in ‘loan’) so that Israel could legally use its airspace — but why engage in only one war crime, when two is so much better?

  2. Miri

    The new phony COVID bill is supposed to assist Americans with a safety net. It is actually an international CIA Black Bag/MIC bill. with Israel earmarked to receive another half a billion USD from American taxpayers, who are being offered not enough money to fill their freezers with Pelosi’s favorite ice cream.

  3. Traffa

    Keep developing your air defenses, Syria. Maybe Iran would like to use their Bavars in battlefield conditions? Even if they lose a few, the experience will be well worth the effort.

  4. Stan Squires

    I am from Vancouver,Canada and I wanted to say that Lebanon and Jordan should be condemned for allowing Israel to bomb Syria.Israel is the enemy of Syria and Iran.The majority of people in the world condemns Israel for its continuing bombing of Syria and Iran.The Gov’ts of Canada,USA has been condemned for its support of the barbaric Israeli Gov’t.Death to Israel and support to Syria and Iran in its fight against Israeli Aggression.

  5. Arabi Souri

    Half of the Lebanese government work literally for Israel through their Saudi patrons and the Jordanians are a long time a British colony, they even host one of the two main NATO/ Saudi/ Israel black op room called the MOC.. Condemnation is not enough, Karma for now would be a good wake up call.

  6. Arabi Souri

    Sadly, we’ve learned this the hard way very long time ago, the problem the country is surrounded by hyenas from all sides and plenty infiltrated into the country’s territories… Defeating the world’s largest terror army is a defeat to Israel and its sponsors, but it’s not enough, soon enough Israel will be silenced once our back is no longer exposed. Remember NATO surrounds Syria from all sides with direct military presence.


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