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Russian Military Patrols M4 Highway in Idlib Province by Helicopters

Russian military helicopters comb M4 highway in Idlib

M4 artery is not safe to be patrolled from the ground within the implementation of the ‘Moscow Agreement’ in regard to the ceasefire in Idlib, the Russian military carried out a patrol over the highway from the sky using helicopters.

After the Turkish madman Erdogan failed to meet his obligations in the Moscow agreement, again, by beefing up the terrorist forces in the Idlib province northwest of Syria, aka the ‘last and largest concentration of Al Qaeda in the world’, the terrorists felt emboldened to the extent of targeting Russian military police vehicles with IEDs, missiles, and by sending terrorists in civilian cloth and their family members to block the road and prevent the joint Russian/ Turkish military police patrols.

The Russian Ministry of Defense Zvezda TV released this video:

In July, five months ago, an anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood terrorist group calling itself ‘Khattab the Chechen’ loyal to the Turkish madman Erdogan blew up a roadside bomb in a Russian/ Turkish joint military police patrol between the towns of Urom Al Joz and Ariha in Idlib countryside on the M4 highway.

A car loaded with explosives was detonated targeting the Russian military police vehicle in the patrol and sparing the Turkish one.

Securing the M4 Motorway connecting the far east of Syria with the Syrian coast in the west is one of the main articles of the ‘Moscow Agreement’ signed between Russian President Putin and the Turkish madman Erdogan after obtaining the approval of President Bashar Assad. Russian and Turkish military police should comb the road between Saraqib and Latakia provincial borders and ensure free traffic flow for passengers, this has yet to be done by Erdogan and the terrorists he’s sponsoring in northern Syria.

Resorting to aerial flights is not a lasting solution and Erdogan should withdraw his troops and his terrorists from Idlib as agreed without further delay, otherwise, the Syrian Arab Army and its allies will have no other choice but to clean the province by force and eliminate all foreign presence in it.

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