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Breaking: Israel Bombs a Syrian Military Site in Masyaf, Hama

SAA air defense missile shoots down an incoming Israel missile mid air over Masyaf

Israeli fighter jets bombed a military site near Masyaf in the Hama countryside, Central Syria, a Syrian military source stated.

‘At 21:25 local time the Israeli air force targeted a military post in the vicinity of Masyaf from over the Lebanese air space, and the Syrian Arab Army units instantly repelled the attack.’ The military source added in the statement.

There was only material damage and no casualties in the bombing that has no strategic military value and barely as delivering messages to whom it may concern.

After the SAA shot down an Israeli F35 and another F16 most advanced fighter jets while repelling a bombing by squadrons of Israeli (read US taxpayers paid for and trained) fighter jets that crossed into the Syrian air space using an outdated S200 and other air defense batteries, the Israelies avoided entering the Syrian air space and have since carried out their bombings from over the Lebanese air space and mostly from behind civilian airplanes.

The bombing comes after the Syrian Air force bombed concentrations of the anti-Islamic Turkmenistan Party northwest of Syria, the party is listed as a terrorist group by Syria, the United Nations, and even by NATO member states but that never stopped NATO from directly sponsoring this group.

It also comes after Russia announced it has delivered the second batch of advanced MiG-29 fighter jets in the framework of military & technical cooperation between our countries, the announcement came by the Russian Embassy in Damascus. The embassy added that Syrian pilots have already started carrying out missions with these jets.

Sources within the Syrian government have previously said that Syria will not be deviated from fighting the terrorist groups as a priority in their last strongholds in the northern parts of Syria under the protection of NATO member states Turkey, USA, and their ilk, unless Israel crosses a red line with its adventures. The Syrian leadership also said that each of the Israeli bombings will be responded to at a time set by the Syrian leadership.

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