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Israel Bombs Zabadani, Damascus: One Soldier Martyred, Three Injured


In the early hours this morning, Israel launched another war crime against Syria. At 0130, the untethered criminals launched a series of bombings in the al Zabadani region of Damascus governate. Though air defenses intercepted some of the missiles, one soldier was martyred, and three wounded, in addition to undisclosed material damages.

Though Obama had bribed Jordan to allow its airspace to be used for Israeli war crimes against Syria, the country — which blasphemes by calling itself “the Jewish State” in order to defame those complaining of the militarist state crimes as “anti-Semites” (those not grasping the blasphemy are advised to study Torah) — prefers to arrogantly invade Lebanon’s airspace to engage in its war crimes against the Levantine republic, despite multiple complaints to the UN.

Israel has functioned as al Qaeda’s first air force since the early days of the NATO Spring atrocities; in May 2013, the FSA faction of al Qaeda in Syria was able to meticulously capture the Kodak moment when America’s welfare queen rushed to the terrorists’ aid in Damascus countryside. Additionally, Israel has provided al Qaeda / ISIS with state of the art trauma care in Syria’s Golan region, criminally occupied for decades.

Most recently, Israel extended its heartfelt wishes for the joyous season, by bombing Syria on Christmas Eve.

While Americans facing food shortages, evictions, joblessness, and substandard health care currently grovel for a $600.00 pittance from their mostly hyper-affluent legislators, this US author reminds our readers that the bill wrongfully referred to as a ‘COVID relief’ package, is actually an arrogantly Military Industrial Complex / CIA Black Bag slush fund which earmarks another half a billion tax dollars for Israel.

Perhaps the timing of today’s criminal bombing was meant as another sadist nose-thumbing to the American taxpayer, coinciding with American traitor Jonathan Pollard — likely to also attach himself to our collective teat — arriving in the rogue state.

Israel continues to use American dollars to assist al Qaeda in Syria, and to murder Syrian soldiers within their homeland, against foreign human garbage invaders. Let US keep these war crimes in mind as we continue our groveling.

Today, Israel invaded Lebanon airspace, and murdered a Syrian soldier, and wounded three others, courtesy of our monies.

Miri Wood

syria every inch Assad
Syria President Dr. Bashar al-Assad: “Every inch of Syria will be liberated”

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1 Comment

  1. Miri

    I did not speak in hyperbole in suggesting that today’s war crime was a celebration of the arrival of Pollard to Israel. Pollard was born in Texas, and pleaded guilty to being a traitor to this country when he gave classified info to a foreign country. In 1998, Israel admitted paying the traitor to betray his country.

    When he got off the plane he fell to the ground & shamelessly recited the first word’s of the Sh’ma, Judaism’s holiest prayer. Then mask-less, he, his wife, & Netanyahu chatted a bit to the media.

    No thanks were given to the American taxpayer.


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