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UNDOF Mandate in the Syrian Golan Extended for 6 Months by the UNSC

UNDOF Syria Golan

On 18 December the UN Security Council passed Resolution 2555 in its perpetual augmentation of phony UNDOF, Disengagement Observer Forces, in and around Syria’s Golan neighborhood.

As proud as Anderson’s naked emperor, the Council was pleased to announce the useless passage was unanimous. This augmentation dates back to UNSCR 338 (1973), which was based on UNSCR 242 (1967), which called on a time frame for Israel’s occupying forces to leave Syria.

Instead of enforcing the disengagement and ceasefire, the UNDOF turned into counting machines recording but not reporting the continuous violations by Israel against Syria, especially since the beginning of the US-led war of terror against the country. The UNDOF members were also kidnapped twice by a terrorist group affiliated with Al Qaeda and its ISIS offshoot, twice, and were rewarded with cash and their sponsors in Qatar were thanked for their efforts in releasing the Israeli violations counters, more on this to the end of this post.

united nations security council resolution 2555 2020
Security Council flouted the naked emperor, in using Newspeak in its press release.

Though the full text of the new, improved, UNSCR 2555 has not been made available at this writing — likely due to those financial constraints about which these diplomats continue to remind a bombed-out and hungry humanity — this same NATO klansman gang has never even complained about Israeli occupiers performing free trauma surgeries to ISIS/DAESH terrorists in the Golan neighborhood of Syria.

Syria Golan - Israel Map of Area of Separation UNDOF deployment
When it comes to terrorists on the occupied Golan, Israel spares no US taxpayer expense in state of art medical care
IDF and ISIS exchange pleasantries near UNDOF zone.

UNSCR 242 (1967) has never been implemented, and no consequence (e.g., UN sanction authorization, threatening to bomb Israel to force it to meet its obligations to the Charter) has ever been meted out to member state Israel. Instead, the phony objective Council continues to reinforce the psychological warfare language of the criminal occupiers, in calling the region “Golan Heights.”

H.E. Jaafari, UN stakeout on Trump’s ‘diplomacy by tweet.’

His Excellency, Bashar al Jaafari has meticulously explained the psyop language, including in his stakeout against Trump’s criminal tweet, in March 2019; nonetheless, it has not been digested. Perhaps a simple way to break through the colonial mindset of western supremacists is to consider the Philly neighborhood of Manayunk, in a very hilly section of the City of Brotherly Love. Imagine if foreign invaders militarily took over that neighborhood, decades ago, and renamed it Manayunk Heights to legitimize the occupation, claiming indigenous people of the area posed a grave threat to the occupiers, on account of being so much higher than the rest of the region.

Imagine Manayunk, the hazardous hills of Philly, being considered a military danger to foreign invaders.

The perennially objective Security Council of course called on “all parties” — occupying forces, occupied peoples, terrorists — to return stolen UNDOF vehicles and other property, and to not kidnap them, which in turn, causes this author to remind Syria News readers that back in early 2013, terrorists — with the assistance of occupying forces — abducted a large group of UNDOF Orwellian peacekeepers, dumped them into a Turkish bathhouse in Jordan, likely roofied their tea, and eventually released them — bien sûr sans équipement — after which then Secretary-General Ban profusely thanked the terrorists for not murdering them.

UN former Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon thanks the abductors of the UNDOF in the Golan
Ban Ki-Moon thanked terrorists for not killing kidnapped UNDOF staff, in 2013.

On Friday, 18 December, the UN Security Council again extended an unenforced previous resolution. It is a pity that cigarette smoking has replaced war crimes as war crimes, for a post-coital smoke joke might be appropriate at this time.

Miri Wood

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